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    Video: Watch Poland's MiG-29s take to the skies in Fulcrum Drivers II

    It use to be that seeing a MiG-29 Fulcrum screech across the sky was an unheard of event. Then, communism came to an end, and the elusive fourth-gen fighter suddenly was in the hands of a number of US allies. Slowly but surely, its exposure increased, until videos like this started to pop up. ...

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    Video: Koenigsegg supercar crash in Poland injures at least 17 [w/videos]

    At least 17 people were injured over the weekend when a driver at Poland's Gran Turismo Polonia event lost control of his Koenigsegg and crashed into the crowd. Video of the accident (scroll down to view, though be warned some scenes are graphic) shows the driver piloting his supercar down a ...

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    Official: Fiat builds 1 millionth 500, still a ways to go before passing original

    There are now 1.1 million examples of the new Fiat 500 cruising the roads of 83 countries, one million of them made at the Fiat's Tychy plant in Poland, the rest in the Fiat plant in Toluca, Mexico. It's taken 69 months since the car's 2007 launch to reach the milestone, the capstone hatchback ...

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    Video: Watch bystanders try to put out fire on transporter full of new Volkswagens

    Watching a small fire that no one can stop from becoming a big fire is like watching a train wreck in Super Slo-Mo. That is the spectacle we get from a rural two-lane road in Poland when a transporter truck hauling seven Volkswagen Passat wagons catches flame. The cause appears to be some sort ...

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    Video: Watch what may be the world's best save during a Polish rally race

    Caution: Slippery when wet. Generally speaking, such signs are placed where pedestrians may be crossing on hard-surface flooring, perhaps right after it was washed. But the same is sometimes true on asphalt, and the four tires of the Mitsubishi Evo seen after the break are just as susceptible to ...

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    Official: Arrinera reveals first Hussarya images, details [w/video]

    Over the past four years, weve been updated semi-regularly on the progress of Poland's Arrinera supercar which, up to now, has been a shiny black chunk of origami. We're surprised to discover that four years into the project, Arrinera has held on to its drawing board, and the company went back to ...

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    Report: Arrinera supercar born out of Polish Lamborghini replica? [UPDATE]

    If you thought it seemed a little odd that Poland – a country without much of a history of producing exportable cars – would suddenly come out with a high-performance supercar, well... we're afraid you may be right. Because the latest reports out of the Eastern European country ...

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    Video: Drifting returns to its mountain roots... in Poland

    We'll be honest: We miss drifting. Not the polished, sponsor-laden, energy-drink soaked Formula D. We miss the seedy internet shaky-hand cam videos of Japanese drivers slinging their hand-built machines up the mountain side in the middle of the night. Poland, of all places, has sought to marry ...

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    Report: GM to build Cruze and other Chevy models in Europe?

    Automotive News reports General Motors may begin manufacturing the Chevrolet Cruze in Europe. The vehicle would likely be produced at an Opel plant in Poland, while a handful of other Chevrolet models may see their production move elsewhere in Europe. The move is said to be the first step toward ...

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    Video: Mustang Club of Poland returns with musical number

    A little less than a year ago, the Mustang Club of Poland shocked us with an amazing fan-made video documenting some of the organization's headier hardware. Now the club is back with a different sort of video. The director has managed to direct the entire crowd to craft a Stomp-style musical ...

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    Video: Poland's Arrinera supercar rolls onto unsuspecting streets

    At the end of May we got renderings of a hi-po, scissor-doored coupe out of Poland, produced by Arrinera. Now we have video of the car on the streets. Its front end and side profile are very Lambo-reminiscent, but the wild rear end is new, different, and cool. Unfortunately, we don't get a ...

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    Report: Poland's Arrinera Automotive readies supercar

    Arrinera Automotive, based in Poland, is getting ready to reveal a new supercar to the world. So far, we only have renderings of what the carbon-kevlar-bodied beast will look like. Power will be provided by a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine, which will be mounted amidships. Arrinera expects ...

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    Video: Top Gear Poland takes women to mall for night of shopping

    Of the many criticisms leveled at the U.S. interpretation of Top Gear, perhaps the most stinging is that the show relies on re-baked ideas lifted wholesale from the grand-pappy of all motoring shows, Top Gear UK. That may be true, but it's also a trick that the producers of the show's various ...

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    Fiat Powertrain Technologies to buy General Motors stake in Polish engine plant

    One of the last vestiges of the aborted partnership between Fiat and General Motors is coming to a close. An engine plant in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, has been jointly owned by GM and Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT). FPT has reached an agreement with GM to buy out the American company's stake. The ...

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    VIDEO: STR8 Weird: Euro cologne TV spot sounds like Mopar, looks like Chevy, but mostly stinks

    STR8 Challenger cologne TV commercial -- Click above to watch the video
    According to one of the YouTube commenters for the STR8 Challenger cologne commercial embedded after the jump, it was made for Polish television. Which , of course, makes perfect sense, since the whole thing's in English. ...

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    VIDEO: Mock VW ad from Jeremy Clarkson draws criticism

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Jeremy Clarkson's humor tends to either amuse or horrify. Some contend the dead-pan Brit occasionally goes too far with his comedic stylings, but overall, we prefer Clarkson just the way he is and don't mind his occasional pot-shots. After all, Top ...

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    Now you know: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited can fit 32 people

    Now that the newly-designed Wrangler has gained an optional extra set of doors, those wanting a little extra passenger-carrying capability with their off-road ready rough-and-tumble ride have been able to get it in the Unlimited model. Of course, there has been an important unanswered question ...

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    VIDEO: Polish dual-steering fun in a Fiat 126p

    Sometimes, when guys get bored, they get inventive. When they get inventive, hilarity often ensues, such as when they add dual steering to a Fiat 126p, reverse the bodywork, and then head out to play in traffic. You know what? Cars that can drive "backwards" and on an angle like defective shopping ...

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    Mercedes-Benz Poland serves up some Chablis

    Click for photo galleryWe'd seen this kicking around a couple of foreign-language sites last week, but we've only just received English-language press materials from the folks at Mercedes. MB Poland is selling a special-edition E-Class Chablis. It's a market-exclusive paint & trim package ...

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    Pole Position: yet another new F1 track?

    Saying "Polish Grand Prix" sounds like the start of a joke, but unlike the halfhearted efforts underway in Bulgaria, the Poles might be serious. F1 fever appears to be sweeping the Eastern European country as their first F1 driver Robert Kubica has been shining as a rising star. The target ...


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