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    Video: Meet Points, the Internet-enabled future of street signs

    After three years of research, Breakfast Products has introduced Points - self-touted as the most advanced sign on earth. While we cannot substantiate that particular claim, the three-arm directional display is an interesting and innovative approach when it comes to delivering information to ...

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    FIA approves new Top 10 points system for F1, WRC

    The podium at the 2009 European Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile has put together a new points system which has subsequently been adopted by both Formula One and the World Rally Championship. Starting with the 2010 seasons for ...

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    Improvements in Virginia brought to you by new fines on speeders

    So they're not out to break a speeder's bank like Indiana, but Virginia has created a host of civil fines for speeders that will pay for the state's new annual $1 billion transportation package. That means that after July 1, not only will you get a bill from the judge for speeding, you will then ...

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    British insurer says speed cameras are killing the points rating system

    Britain's installation of more speed cameras and the swap to digital means they'll catch even more speeders. That's good for the treasury. According to British insurer Swinton, it isn't good for the points system that insurance companies use to set premiums -- there are too many people getting more ...

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    Speed camera catches Hyundai doing the impossible

    A man accused of driving at speeds up to 147 mph is about to get his day in court -- and many are looking at the case to challenge the freeway photo enforcement program in Scottsdale, Ariz. Lawrence Pargo of Goodyear was supposedly running late for work and was caught by speeding cameras on Loop ...


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