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plymouth prowler

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    SRT belatedly claims Plymouth Prowler as one of its own

    Before Chrysler had Street and Racing Technology, it had Performance Vehicle Operations. What the two entities have in common, before SRT became its own brand, of course, is that each was created to take Chrysler and Dodge (and Plymouth, before it was unceremoniously killed off) vehicles to the ...

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    Chrysler selling Pacifica Design Studio to Mercedes-Benz

    The Chrysler Pacifica Advance Design Center, first opened in 1983, is credited with penning the Plymouth Prowler concept (pictured above), Dodge Challenger concept, Jeep Compass, and Dodge Intrepid concepts. Unfortunately, the Design Center closed earlier this year as Chrysler streamlined ...

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    Prowlers come home to celebrate their tenth birthday

    Click Bob Nardelli's Prowler to see a selection of the others at the partyWhen Robert Nardelli was named the new CEO of the new Chrysler Group a couple of weeks ago, his apparent lack of car credentials had a lot of people concerned. However, earlier this week there was a faint ray of hope as ...

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    Video: The other Tulsa time capsule

    What is it with Tulsa burying cars? By now, surely everyone has heard of Tulsa's buried Belvedere. Placed in its "watertight" cement coffin in 1957, it didn't do too well over half a century. But technology then was not nearly as advanced as it is now, right? So how would one go about burying a car ...


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