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30Toyota working on Playstation-compatible track day black box for Scion FR-S

Autocar reports Toyota and Subaru are working on ways to sharpen the GT 86, BRZ and Scion FR-S triplets. While that may mean buyers could see a convertible version of the sports coupe as soon as 2014, engineers are also working on a variety of other improvements, including a new track telemetry system. Using an onboard black box, the gadgetry will record a slew of data from track days. That's nothing new, but the cool part is buyers will then be able to upload and compare their times with other

5Video: Audi Space on Playstation Home network the place for spiky-haired sky drivers

Audi Space promo video – Click above to watch video

21VIDEO: Sega's classic OutRun returning on XBox Live

Sega's OutRun Online Arcade – Click above to watch video after the jump

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