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    Official: Ford unveils 2013 F-Series Super Duty, now with Platinum [w/video]

    Ford has officially served up the details on the upcoming 2013 F-Series Super Duty. Buyers will be able to snap up the latest work rig with in a new Platinum trim level that throws in niceties like SYNC, MyFord Touch, navigation and a rear-view camera as standard equipment. Power telescoping ...

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    Official: Nissan rolls out Platinum edition X-Trail in the UK

    Nissan makes a whole mess of different crossovers, and not just the ones we get here in North America. Overseas, the Japanese automaker has even more, like the Qashqai, the Koleos (sold by sister-company Renault) and the vehicle you see here, the X-Trail. Not to be confused with the Xterra, the ...

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    Onyx gives the Bentley Continental the Platinum GTO treatment

    Onyx Bentley Continental Platinum GTO – Click above for high-res images
    GTOs come, and GTOs go. Although the Pontiac GTO may be long gone, Ferrari is working on a new 599 GTO. Now Irish tuning house Onyx Concept – which previously worked up the Range Rover Sport and Vogue – is ...

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    Detroit 2010: Cadillac commits to V- or Platinum editions for all models, CTS-V wagon all but certain

    2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At this morning's XTS Platinum and CTS-V Coupe debut here at the Detroit Motor Show, newly appointed brand manager Bryan Nesbitt announced to the media that that all Cadillac models will receive V-Series and Platinum models. ...

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    Nissan announces 2010 Armada pricing and new Murano 360 value package

    Click image for a hi-res gallery of the 2010 Nissan Armada
    The economy sucks, so no one's buying new cars. Gas prices are low, though, so filling up the cars you have isn't the ritual blood sacrifice that took place every time you pulled up to the pump last summer. Under normal financial ...

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    Ford working to prevent catalytic converter theft

    There's a container of precious metals dangling from the bottom of your car: your catalytic converter. They contain platinum, and its rising cost has caused a recent spike in converter theft, especially in the U.K. Not only does a missing cat let more pollution into the air, it also disables ...

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    2009 Cadillac XLR refreshed, coming in July

    Click above to enlargeWe'd seen spy shots of Cadillac's halo roadster before, and today, GM officially announced the updates made to its luxury brand's halo vehicle. The range has been winnowed down to the Platinum and the supercharged V-Series. Look for the V-Series hood on all models and revised ...

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    Nanotech research stumbles on homemade hydrogen

    Efficiency is a large stumbling block if you're looking for a way to replace gasoline. It's pretty hard to better such an exceptional fuel, and several alternatives show promise but are nagged by inefficiencies or cost, and usually both. Nanotech to the rescue; it may soon be possible to produce ...

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    LA Auto Show: Cadillac XLR, STS and DTS Platinum Series

    Click to enlargeWhere the Cadillac V-Series moniker focuses on high performance, the Platinum Series tag being introduced in LA this week places the emphasis on luxury. Now, we believe that this emphasis should be the brand standard anyway, and not just a trim package, but if this represents a step ...

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    Automakers struggle with high platinum prices

    Raw materials costs are a headache for automakers worldwide, but the skyrocketing price of precious metals could escalate that headache to a migraine.The chief culprit is platinum, the preferred catalyst in automobile catalytic converters. According to Reuters, platinum futures hit $1,340 an ounce ...


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