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platform sharing

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    Official: Renault-Nissan debuts new Common Module Family for future vehicles

    Platform sharing is nothing new for the 14-year-old Renault-Nissan Alliance, but this partnership is set to introduce new modular platform components that will eventually underpin 11 Renault models and three Nissan vehicles by 2020. Rather than being a typical platform, the Common Module Family ...

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    Report: New Datsun models to be based on Lada platform

    Although we haven't heard much official news about the return of the Datsun brand since Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn made the announcement back in March, we now have a little more information about Nissan's new budget brand. Automotive News Europe is reporting that the new breed of Datsun products ...

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    Rumormill: Will Porsche be forced to use next-gen Audi R8 platform for Ferrari 458 rival?

    In 2010, Porsche and Audi were both understood to be vying for the chance to provide future sports car platforms for the entire Volkswagen Group. Not to take anything away from Audi, but few would be surprised to learn that Porsche was chosen for the task. It seems that Porsche had plans for the ...

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    Zetsche reportedly says Daimler to pick new compact car partner by mid-2010

    Despite rumors of Daimler and Renault collaborating on a four-door Smart model, no official tie-up between the two companies has been announced. That could change next year when Daimler will reportedly decide who its small-car partner will be. Daimler is getting even more heavily into the ...

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    Rumormill: Bugatti and Bentley join forces to battle Rolls-Royce

    The whisperers have it that Bugatti may be borrowing from Bentley for a new sedan. What they can't seem to pinpoint is exactly what kind of sharing the two marques will be doing, and whether or not the resulting super Bug will be a supremely high-powered four-door to compete with the Rolls-Royce ...

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    VW and Porsche can't get along, risk future tech and product plans

    In the land of mergers and acquisitions, there are takeovers, there are hostile takeovers, and then there are I'm Gonna Git You Sucka No Matter What takeovers. Porsche's increasingly acrimonious battle to swallow VW is becoming that third option, and the brawl might threaten the short term plans of ...

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    Chrysler's next sedan could be a Nissan Altima (or a Fiat)

    Motor Trend is reporting that Chrysler is considering a few different options now for its 2012 midsize offerings. The first option is to stick with Project D, which is gobbling up engineering and design resources. Option two is to use either Fiat's premium midsize platform or the Nissan Altima ...

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    BMW and Fiat teaming up for new small car platform

    Fiat wants to become the platform-sharing kings of Europe, and with deals with Tata, Suzuki, Ford, and PSA, the Italian automaker is well on its way. Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne told Automotive News Europe that another cooperation would be announced tomorrow, but details were scarce. Suppliers ...

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    VW, Porsche fighting over timetable of next Touareg, Cayenne

    To the victors go the spoils, and with Porsche currently holding majority ownership of the drastically larger VW, the folks from Stuttgart get to call the product plan timing shots. The Touareg and Cayenne were launched together in late 2002 and refreshed for the 2008 model year, but Porsche wants ...

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    GM to give Chrysler some GMT900 love?

    Last evening, a source privy to the talks between Chrysler and GM, revealed to the New York Times that the General may be sharing its GMT900 SUV platform with the American half of the German-American hybrid.Since Chrysler doesn't have a large SUV in its line-up (the Durango doesn't make the cut), ...

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    DaimlerChrysler won't share Mercedes platforms

    Brand-conscious DaimlerChrysler managers in Germany are very vocal about the fact that they're not interested in any platform sharing between the Mercedes brand and the others under the corporate umbrella. "A Mercedes will remain a Mercedes and will not share a platform with anyone," said Dr. ...

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    GM plans to axe $1 billion out of mid-size car budget

    General Motors says it will eliminate $1 billion from its spending on mid-size cars by sharing more parts, designs and factories to get 'er done. If this involves a little process called "badge engineering," we urge GM to beware of the inevitable onslaught of negative comments following this ...


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