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    ETC: How GM almost screwed up Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc. and more
    Given Just 7 More Days, GM Would Have Changed Entertainment History 1404239400

    General Motors came within one week of buying Pixar in 1985, and would have subsumed the then-fledgling computer company to use its technology to help aid car designs. That surprising almost-was historical wrinkle comes courtesy of Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar, in his new management book, ...

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    Confirmed: Disney and Pixar racing back to the big screen with Cars 3

    It's official, folks. Well, sorta. Disney and Pixar are planning a third installment of the mega-successful Cars movie franchise. The news comes courtesy of Disney Company head Bob Iger, speaking at the company's shareholder's meeting last week, and via Twitter. According to a report from ...

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    Video: Jay Leno's Garage visits Pixar's private car show

    After watching the Cars franchise of movies, we had a feeling that the people behind Pixar Animation Studios were automotive enthusiasts, and Jay Leno's Garage has proved our suspicions right. For this episode of JLG, Leno hands over hosting duty to another Jay, Jay Ward – the man behind ...

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    Video: Flying car spotted in Pixar's Planes trailer

    You probably thought that with no Cars sequel slated for release this year, you wouldn't be forced to look at another post about Pixar's anthropomorphized autos on Autoblog. Since they tell me I'm certifiably obsessed with this franchise, think again. Planes, the upcoming feature from Disney ...

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    Video: Disney gives ride along through Radiator Springs on new Cars Land ride

    Founded by a steam car named Stanley in 1909, Radiator Springs was once a bustling little fuel stop along Route 66 between Gallup, New Mexico and Kingman, Arizona. At least that's what the plot of Pixar's "Cars" says. In actuality, the town is being founded right now in Disney California ...

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    Report: Pixar's John Lasseter defends CARS 2

    Pixar movies have a history of being massive commercial success stories. They seem to mint money, and CARS 2 was no different. The sequel to CARS pulled in $551 million in global box office receipts and vast riches await thanks to a DVD release date that coincides with the beginning of the ...

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    Video: Disney AppMates creates interactive iPad experience with Pixar's CARS

    Disney is looking to give younger children an excuse other than Angry Birds to play with their parents' Apple iPad. The company's new AppMates toys feature small Cars 2 characters with unique sensors inside them. Download a free application, place the toys on the screen, and kids can drive around ...

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    Review: CARS 2

    Pixar Picks Our Obsession For A Rare Sequel I saw an advanced screening of CARS 2 last weekend with my friend Chris and his four-year-old son Noah. This was the little guy's first time seeing a movie in a theater, and his father told me it was all he could talk about in the days leading up to ...

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    Video: Planes trailer previews Disney tail-spinning off Cars franchise

    Cars weren't actually the only machines with smiles in Cars. The Disney/Pixar animated feature that's about to spawn its second installment also included trucks, trains, combine harvesters and even helicopters with anthropomorphic faces. But now Disney is planning on taking things one step ...

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    Video: Cars 2 trailer remade in Lego Land

    If there's a cooler child's toy for adults than a box of Legos, we don't know what it is. To wit, it's possible to take a couple handfuls of Lego blocks and assemble a miniature car... or a couple hundred pounds of the bricks to make a full-size car. And since you're apparently someone who, like ...

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    Video: CARS 2 debuts new trailer, releases real character specs

    We've got a feeling that you've been dying to know exactly what Lightning McQueen is packing under his hood. Pixar has been kind enough to release specifications on some of the heavy hitters of the upcoming Cars 2, including our hero protagonist. As it turns out, McQueen boasts 750 horsepower ...

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    The Royals make an appearance in CARS 2

    The real Royal Family may be grabbing all the headlines today with the wedding of their Prince William to commoner Kate Middleton, but another Royal Family deserves some attention as well. We've learned that Pixar will be introducing a new Royal Family in CARS 2, set to open in theaters ...

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    Zen gardens, Kabuki and sumo wrestling represented in CARS 2

    Pixar's latest stop on the CARS 2 character roll-out tour is the country of Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun will no doubt provide the World Grand Prix with plenty of racers, but today we have some native vehicles to show you that do anything but compete on a track. One tends a Zen garden, one is ...

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    For the Love of Cars: An inside look at the making of CARS 2

    CARS 2 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Pixar CEO and Cars Director John Lasseter looks tired. For the last eight hours, he's been engaged in interviews and fielding inane questions from an assortment of entertainment, foreign and automotive press. But as soon as I ask about his ...

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    Racers from Germany and Spain announced for Pixar's CARS 2

    Pixar has released more goodies this week about its upcoming sequel, CARS 2, due to hit theaters in the U.S. on June 24. What we have for you today are the cars representing Germany and Spain in the movie's championship race, the World Grand Prix. First up is Max Schnell, who not only ...

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    Video: Disney releases new scene from CARS 2

    We can't hide the fact that we're pretty excited for Cars 2 to hit theaters June 24th, even if the extensive marketing efforts leading up to the premiere are a bit over the top. Over the weekend at WonderCon, movie promoters gave some very interested fans a sneak peak at what it's like to be ...

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    Pixar licenses Cars 2 AMC villains for a song thanks to Chrysler bankruptcy

    Earlier this week, we spent the day at Pixar to get a sneak peak at Cars 2. And before you ask, here's what you want to know: The sequel is an order of magnitude more awesome than the original and chief creative honcho John Lasseter drives a Mercedes-Benz SL65. So with that out of the ...

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    Lewis Hamilton and David Hobbscap confirmed for CARS 2

    The seemingly endless rollout of new characters appearing in Pixar's upcoming CARS 2 continues today with two new vehicles, one another Autoblog exclusive. That vehicle is none other than Lewis Hamilton, the only character we can think of so far whose name hasn't been changed for the film. The ...

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    NASCAR star Jeff Gorvette will compete in CARS 2

    Our onslaught of CARS 2 character debuts continues this week with an exclusive reveal just for Autoblog readers. Pixar is letting us announce that NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon will make an appearance in the film as Jeff Gorvette, an up-and-coming Chevrolet Corvette C6.R that's "turning hoods ...

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    CARS 2 introduces Rip Clutchgoneski from New Rearendia

    The latest character from Pixar's upcoming CARS 2 sequel is an open-wheel LMP-style racer (score one for commenters, we agree he looks more Le Mans than F1) from the former European colony of New Rearendia. Rip is the new republic's best hope of getting its name on the map, and he's managed to ...


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