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    Confirmed: Disney and Pixar racing back to the big screen with Cars 3

    It's official, folks. Well, sorta. Disney and Pixar are planning a third installment of the mega-successful Cars movie franchise. The news comes courtesy of Disney Company head Bob Iger, speaking at the company's shareholder's meeting last week, and via Twitter. According to a report from ...

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    VIDEO: Tokyo Mater - Pixar's Cars stars head to Japan for some drifting fury

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    Disney's Pixar are currently working on Cars 2, set to debut in the summer of 2011, but to hold us over until then, they have created a series of animated shorts called "Mater's Tall Tales" that air on the Toon Disney network. Each video features the ...

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    Mattel recalls "Sarge" for high levels of lead

    Safety concerns and Chinese cars will go hand-in-hand until the country's automakers start building vehicles capable of undergoing a Western-market crash test regimen without performing involuntary exploratory surgery upon their occupants. Tuesday's announcement of another recall by Mattel showed ...

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    Keep 'em coming: Pixar CARS Photochop photo gallery grows

    How sweet is that?!?!?! His name's Hugger, created by Michael W. We love our readers, especially when they send us things that make us happy like the Pixar Cars photochops we've been receiving. For those of you who may have missed it, John posted about to a NASIOC forum thread that laid out the ...

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    Pixar's "Cars": Ahhh, that new DVD smell

    Sure, "Bullitt" had a few nice cars in it. So did "Gone in 60 Seconds". But in Pixar's, "Cars", nothing but sweet, sweet animated automobilia. November 7 is the day you can park a copy right in the middle of all your other DVD tributes to transportation. Unless they're alphabetized, of course. Then ...

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    Opels brought to life by Pixar

    Think you've seen a lot of tie-ins involving Disney/Pixar's Cars this summer? Well, here's one more, in which the stars of the Opel lineup get a Pixar-style rfacelift.Click here and you'll be brought to an Opel/Cars minisite that shows the characters from Pixar's latest tour de force interacting ...


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