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pivo 3

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    Tokyo: Nissan Pivo 3 inches closer to production

    Every other year, Nissan trots out another Pivo concept to the Tokyo Motor Show, and each successive version is weirder than the next. But this latest version – the predictably named Pivo 3 – is different. Nissan wants to build it, and while its awkward shape and trick doors won't ...

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    Official: Nissan shows off Pivo 3's new angles, considering quirky EV for production [w/video]

    Sometimes, even concept cars evolve. Take the Nissan Pivo, an ungainly, all-electric bubble-on-wheels that first appeared in 2005 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The first version was pretty round, but the Pivo 2 somehow managed to add extra curves around the wheels. For the Pivo 3, unveiled today in ...


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