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    Pininfarina Cambiano carved from wood for furniture show

    You may remember the Pininfarina Cambiano as the creation that walked away with the honor of being named the most beautiful concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The design house decided to commemorate the honor by crafting something else special for the 2012 Milan Furniture Show. Pininfarina ...

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    Rolls-Royce Hyperion for sale at Abu Dhabi showroom

    It's not much of a stretch to imagine plonking down the six figures it would take to drive home in a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, assuming your pocketbook were so well endowed. After all, when it comes to boulevard cruisers, it doesn't get much more luxurious. That's what most might do, ...

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    Official: Pininfarina designing luxury condos in Miami [UPDATE]

    Didn't get your deposit down in time to secure a condo in Porsche Design Tower? Not to worry, because just across town – that town being Miami – Pininfarina has been contracted to design another building. Developed by the Related Group, 1100 Millecento Residences (pictured) is being ...

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    Report: Pininfarina mulling limited production run of Cambiano PHEV concept

    A design studio and contract manufacturer, when Pininfarina builds a car it's typically under another brand's auspices. That could change, however, with the Cambiano. Unveiled just last week at the Geneva Motor Show, the 680-horsepower plug-in hybrid coupe concept – which we had the ...

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    Exclusive: Autoblog goes one-on-one with the Pininfarina Cambiano Concept [w/video]

    Italian Turbine-Powered Calling Card For A New Era...And A New Maserati Quattroporte? The global meltdown that boiled to the surface in 2008 was really hard on a lot of car companies, but it was categorically horrendous for the tradition of Italian car craftsmanship out of Turin. Of the three ...

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    Report: Full Pininfarina Cambiano concept renderings leaked ahead of Geneva *UPDATE

    Italian magazine Quattroruote has somehow procured a set of renders showing every angle of the plug-in Pininfarina Cambiano concept. The show car will arrive at the Geneva Motor Show and is heavyweight celebration of several Pininfarina milestones: the 10th anniversary of the company's ...

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    Report: Pininfarina family poised to lose control of 82-year-old company

    Pininfarina is on track in the quest to restructure its debt, according to a report from Reuters. The famed Italian styling house shuttered its manufacturing business in 2011, ending a joint venture with Volvo that had seen Pininfarina assemble the C70, in order to focus on its automotive design ...

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    Report: Pininfarina P4/5 Competizione going hybrid?

    Race cars are going hybrid these days. Formula One racers store regenerated brake energy. Porsche packs a flywheel into the 911 GT3 R. Just the other day, Toyota unveiled its new TS030 Hybrid endurance prototype. And now even Jim Glickenhaus' one-off Ferrari-powered, Pininfarina-designed P4/5 ...

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    Teased: Pininfarina Cambiano concept comes into focus with two more images

    The Geneva Motor Show never fails to deliver when it comes to concept cars. Unveiled alongside the latest production models, concepts represent a way for automakers to showcase where their heads are at and where they want to be going in the future. But it's not always automakers that present the ...

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    Teased: Pininfarina previews Geneva-bound Cambiano concept

    There's virtually no end to the list of automakers for which Pininfarina has designed over the years. But every once in a while, the stoic Italian studio works up a project just for itself. And this is one such occasion. So what is the occasion, you ask? The 30th anniversary of the company's ...

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    Rumormill: Alfa Romeo planning lightweight Mazda MX-5 Miata rival

    Few rumors have circulated quite like the prospect of a new Alfa Romeo Spider. While the previous Brera-based model stands as one of the most beautiful cars ever made, dynamically speaking, most found it deeply flawed. But the Milanese automaker has long been rumored to be working on a more ...

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    Report: Pininfarina exits carmaking business, plans to concentrate on design

    Reuters reports that Pininfarina will lay off 127 workers as the company shuts down its manufacturing business to focus more heavily on design and engineering. The Italian company points to the declining automotive market as the reason behind the move. The layoffs are expected to cost the company ...

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    Report: Volvo to end C70 production in Uddevalla, will it surface elsewhere?

    Volvo has announced that it will cease production at the company's joint-venture plant with Pininfarina Sverige in Uddevalla, Sweden, according to Ward's Auto. That means manufacturing of the C70 convertible is without a home. As of right now, Volvo isn't saying where, if anywhere, production of ...

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    Gooding rolls out the coachbuilt classic Ferraris for Pebble Beach auction

    Those with the cash are prone to buying Ferraris. Those with lots of cash buy custom coachbuilt Ferraris. It's a tradition that's been revived in recent years with such specials as the Superamerica 45, the P540 Superfast Aperta, the Zagato 575 GTZ and of course the P4/5 Pininfarina. But decades ...

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    Former Pininfarina designers team up for Fiat 500 Marcia Corta project

    We've seen all sorts of things done with the Fiat 500. People have chopped the roof off, covered it in gold, planted trees in it, taken it rallying and even moved the engine to the trunk. The latest, however, could prove the most intriguing. Founded by a couple of former Pininfarina designers, ...

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    Ferrari to unveil unique Super America 45 at Villa d'Este

    Villa d'Este is a wonderful place. Situated along the shores of picturesque Lake Como in northern Italy, every year the palatial grounds play host to the Concorso d'Eleganza that strips all that is mundane and industrial about a regular car show and lets the sun shine through. The annual show is ...

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    Report: Volvo and Pininfarina end C70 joint venture

    Volvo has announced it will take sole ownership of its joint manufacturing facility with Pininfarina. The Pininfarinia Sverige AB plant in Uddevalla, Sweden, only builds the Volvo C70 convertible. According to Volvo, the changeover will take place in 2013, and the automaker will continue to ...

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    Pininfarina names Renault's Fabio Filippini as design director

    Independent design studios and coachbuilders – the famous Italian ones especially – are still facing tough times, with business waning and designers switching positions like a proverbial game of musical chairs. Pininfarina is among the most storied of them all, and has reportedly ...

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    New Lancia Stratos reportedly attracting potential buyers at $500k a pop

    New Lancia Stratos by Pininfarina – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Pininfarina and Michael Stoschek unveiled the new Lancia Stratos, they hinted that limited production was a possibility if there was enough demand. According to new reports, prospective buyers are already ...

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    Video: Cold and fog can't keep the P4/5 Competizione from the track

    Jim Glickenhaus takes his Ferrari P4/5 Competizione out in the fog – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Another day, another video of the Jim Glickenhaus' Ferrari P4/5 Competizione in action... not that we're complaining. This time Mr. Glickenhaus takes his one-off racer to ...


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