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pinewood derby

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    Video: Building a better Pinewood Derby car with science

    Every corner of human endeavor has its researchers, and that includes activities that we might think are just supposed to be fun for kids, like pinewood derbies. In case you don't know, a pinewood derby where kids build a car out of a block of wood, add some nails for axles and plastic wheels and ...

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    Featured: The Coolest Pinewood Derby Car To Never Race

    As kids, there were only so many outlets available to satiate our automotive obsession. While we always had grand visions of things like building the ultimate model A/C Cobra or hewing the sleekest Pinewood Derby racer that the sport had ever seen, our projects typically turned out looking more ...

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    Automobile documents presidential limo build for Pinewood Derby

    The Pinewood Derby is a right of passage and an American institution. First run in 1953 in Manhattan Beach, California, the Pinewood Derby can help ignite fiery automotive passion in young men across the country. Automobile's Joe Lorio recently put together a derby project car with his son and ...

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    Pinewood Derby Jeep deserves a merit badge of excellence

    Rugged Ridge's Pinewood Derby Jeep CJ8 – Click above to enlarge
    While some of us have never tried to fashion a Pinewood Derby racer out of a block of wood, the chances of such an endeavor turning out half as well as the work of art that is the Rugged Ridge Jeep CJ8 is next to nothing. The ...


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