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    West Coast Customs to overhaul... taco shop?

    Having plundered the vehicle modification scene for the past eighteen years, the crew from West Coast Customs is moving on to restaurant design. Chronic Tacos in Corona, California now sports a taste of the modification shop's style. We'll do our best to skip the easy meme joke and move ...

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    Xzibit broke, needs someone to pimp his checking account?

    Is Galpin Auto Sports hiring? Because rapper/actor Xzibit is broke. During his Pimp My Ride days on MTV, X was raking in the dough – in 2007, he earned $497,175 from the crazy custom car show. The very next year, after the show was canceled, he earned a decidedly un-Hollywoodesque ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Behold... it's the Astroghini!

    The Astroghini – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Oh, eBay Motors, you never cease to astound us. Where else could we possibly dig up a Chevrolet Astro Van that's been built for drag racing and converted to have a passing resemblance to a Lamborghini Gallardo? Yup, you're looking at ...

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    Funkmaster Flex pimping 2011 Ford Fiesta

    2011 Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Funkmaster Flex has teamed up with Ford to pimp both a new 2011 Fiesta and his new show on MTV2. Viewers can tune in on May 2 to see Flex put his own personal taste into Ford's new B-fighter, with touches like a new body kit, ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Pimp My Ride AMC Pacer

    It's this kind of thing that makes it hard to keep Thanksgiving dinner down. We aren't frequent viewers of Pimp My Ride, so we really only catch the show's work via the occasional eBay auction. Frankly, in the few cars we've caught we thought we had seen everything. But no. Not in the least. Latest ...

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    MTV goes car crazy: Trick it Out joins final season of Pimp My Ride

    Looks like MTV wants to shake things up a bit on Sunday nights. They are set to pit two customizers against each other in a new series that will join a longtime favorite in the lineup. Out-going classic "Pimp My Ride" will follow the freshman series "Trick It Out" starting at 10pm ET/PT. Check your ...

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    As seen on TV: Pimps need minivans, too

    Sometimes folks buy a slice of automotive history and put it somewhere safe, away from roads and crowds, so it won't get hurt. If you bought this particular example of automotive history, you'd probably lock it up somewhere safe because, like the folks who are selling it, you wouldn't actually ...

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    MTV to pimp out a '65 Impala with 800hp biodiesel for Earth Day

    var digg_url = ''; Next week on MTV, it's a "Very Special Edition" of Pimp My Ride. In honor of Earth Day coming on April 22, the crew of the popular MTV show that proves on a regular basis that having ...

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    Pimp My Heart

    Here it is, folks, this is what you get for the tuner who has everything. Introducing the "Pimp My Heart," a system that uses sensors in the steering wheel to gauge your heart beat as you drive and subsequently pump said heart beat through your car's audio system for the ultimate beats. Using his ...

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    Ford anti-squatting efforts out of control?

    In an effort to better protect the Mustang name, Ford Motor Company has taken to prosecuting companies with names incorporating a Ford trademark, including Mustang and nicknames like Stang and Pony. According to Mustang Monthly, companies that violate the rules are being presented with a letter ...

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    Galpin Auto Sports joins new Pimp My Ride on MTV

    West Coast Customs is out and Galpin Auto Sports is in on MTV's new season of the Xzibit-driven car makeover show Pimp My Ride. Galpin is well known for customizing all manner of Ford product for decades and has a rich history as one of the Blue Oval's most colorful dealerships. In addition to the ...

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    Ebay find of the day: PIMP'd Chevy panel truck

    The 1957 V8 Chevy panel truck featured on MTV's Pimp My Ride in August of 2005 is up for bid on eBay. Xzibit and his crew painted the outside red with yellow flames, installed several flat screen TVs with a DVD player and PlayStation 2, bolted on chrome bumpers and a chrome steering ...

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    Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Hussein-y Benz?*

    First Sgt. William von Zeal did a little shopping while stationed in Iraq with the 411th Civil Affairs Battalion-- he picked up what is believed to be Saddam Hussein's 1988 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL for around $5,000 from a private owner in Baghdad. The white Benz in question was fitted with armor ...

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    Mass customization craze Optomizes Scion

    Scion may have forgtten the spellcheck, but its remembered to bring some excellent aftermarket suppliers for its customization program called Optomize. The 150 possible parts (Alpine and H3R Performance among them) can be added by dealers at the time of purchase, and are covered by the ...

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    Pimp my golf cart?

    If your idea of the golf car (the dealer-correct term) is the white, fragile-looking, cart, you're in for a surprise the next time you hit the fairways.Customization is part of the game for many golfers, including some in Spokane, Washington. According to the Spokane Journal of Business, golfers ...

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    'Dilbert My Ride': PC Magazine creates a four-wheeled cubicle

    While the notion of drivers that want to access the Information Superhighway while motoring on the interstate highway concerns us greatly, we're reasonably sure that we're outnumbered. In fact, its likely only a matter of time before Bill Gates and friends are hanging out ...

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    West Coast Customs will no longer pimp yo ride

    On MTV, anyway. West Coast Customs and MTV have decided to file for divorce, amicably ending a relationship that debuted as “Pimp My Ride” with host Xzibit in 2004. WCC boss Ryan Friedlinghause cites his company’s image as the reason behind the decision, and announced that he will ...


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