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    Spy Shots: Thai-market 2010 Ford Ranger MAX

    A cunning photographer has grabbed some shots of what appears to be production versions of the Thailand-bound Ford Ranger Max. While hardware and interior information are scarce at this point, it's clear that some of the details have been toned down from what was shown on the concept (namely the ...

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    Toyota will debut Tundra Work Truck Package in San Diego

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Toyota Tundra Work Truck Package
    One glaring omission in the range of Tundra trim levels is a stripper model suitable for duty as a basic work truck. Toyota will change all that at this year's San Diego Auto Show (Dec. 31, 2008 to Jan. 4, 2009) when ...

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    Ford Works Solutions gets priced, not exactly cheap but not bad

    Ford Works Solutions caters to the kinds of commercial builders and workmen who will buy trucks no matter what state the economy is in because of one simple fact: they need them. Its four main features -- Internet access with limited Office functionality, Tool Link, Crew Chief, and Cable Lock -- ...

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    2009 Dodge Ram earns 5 stars for crash safety

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2009 Dodge Ram
    The 2009 Dodge Ram was all aces in the latest round of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash testing, with the big D-wagon achieving five stars in both driver and passenger front crash ratings. The Dodge Ram follows the ...

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    What the...? Volkswagen considering Beetle-based pickup?

    Of all the wild-ass rumors we hear on a weekly daily hourly basis, this one has that special air of cow manure. According to Automotive News, Volkswagen is considering a pickup truck for the U.S. based off the second generation Beetle, which is due out around the turn of the decade.The rationale ...

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    Volkswagen pickup concept to debut next week

    Pickup truck sales have tanked here in the States, but in emerging markets, affordable haulers are still in demand. VW has announced that those markets would get a sneak peak at the concept version of its upcoming pickup truck offering at next week's Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover, Germany. ...

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    SEMA Preview: Mopar bringing Dodge Ram R/T concept

    With gas prices still leaving people numb, the Dodge Ram R/T probably won't get the reception Chrysler wants – but that doesn't mean the automaker won't give it some good car show loving: Mopar is bringing a 'roided up version of the truck to this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The blue ...

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    First Drive: HUMMER H3T

    Click above for hi-res gallery of the HUMMER H3TIf HUMMER had a theme song, it'd probably be the Allman Brothers' Whipping Post -- the one that goes "Sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel, like I been tied to the whipping post..." The brand has been the go-to effigy when something needs to burn on the ...

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    2009 Ford F-150 officially tows 11,300 pounds

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Ford F-150The pickup truck market may have run out of steam, but the 2009 Ford F-150 can haul an 11,300-lb trailer full of coal if the need ever arises. The next F-150 will keep its light duty pickup towing title when it hits showroom floors in the fall ...

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    Spy Shots: VW "Robust" pickup

    The Volkswagen pickup codenamed "Robust" has been caught testing again, this time in the U.S. They aren't too different from these spy shots, both sets showing that VW is not going for any kind of flash with its newest pickup. At one point, the regular cab version was speculated to have buttresses, ...

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    Get your 2009 Dodge Rams with zero-percent financing

    UPDATE: We've been informed that the 0% financing for 72 months offer is only available for the 2008 Dodge Ram. Financing details for the 2009 Dodge Ram will be announced at a later date.The 2009 Dodge Ram appears to be a top-notch competitor in the light truck market, but that won't keep the ...

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    Toyota under spotlight for possible Tacoma sudden acceleration

    Audi went through it in the '80s. Jeep went through it a couple years ago. Other makers have been accused of it, and now it's Toyota's turn: the NHTSA is considering investigating Tacoma pickup trucks from 2004-2008 due to claims of unintended acceleration. In one instance, a man said he turned off ...

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    GM jacks up incentives on trucks and SUVs

    click above image for a high-res gallery of the Chevy Tahoe 2-mode HybridWe've been waiting for General Motors to step up to the plate with its own incentives now that Ford has offered employee pricing on its F-Series trucks and Dodge has offered $2.99 fuel to go along with its various incentives ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage: 2008 Dodge Dakota Sport

    When we first locked eyes on the 2008 Dodge Dakota at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show, we were breathless. The reason for our inability to process oxygen had everything to do with the ungainly sheet metal that covered the latest iteration of Dodge's midsize truck offering. The new Dakota is boxy with an ...

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    "Dear Dodge, Thank you for giving the Ram a really strong frame."

    var digg_url = ''; There is a good reason to pay attention to those "Bridge May Be Icy" signs that are posted at nearly every overpass in the U.S., and the guy in the photo above would likely have died for ignoring the ...

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    HMR magazine drives the HUMMER H3T mule

    The HUMMER H3T has been much in the news lately, now we finally have some press coverage that doesn't involve broken embargoes. After a few days in the High Sierras putting pre-production versions through boulder-strewn paces, the words from HMR magazine are: it's good!Once past the marketing-speak ...

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    Ford to invest $209m in South Africa for new Ranger pickup

    click above for more images of the current Ranger sold outside the USWhile recent times haven't been rosy for Ford here in the States, business is much better for the Dearborn, MI automaker overseas. To keep blue skies in foreign markets, Ford is ponying up $209 million in South Africa for both a ...

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    GM idling three pickup plants for two weeks

    As reported earlier, General Motors plans to cut production in the first quarter of 2008 by 11-percent in an effort to limit excessive dealer inventory. The cut would affect both cars and trucks, but GM announced today that it would be halting production of its pickup plants in Pontiac; Fort Wayne, ...

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    Ford to keep truckin at Super Duty plant despite International strike

    International and Ford haven't been the best of friends lately, with the two companies sparring over compensation for the Powerstroke 6.4L. International stopped making the engines in protest earlier in the year, but this time the union has walked out on International. Even with the strike, Ford ...

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    Toyota getting educated, changing Tundra's model mix

    Toyota's foray into the world of full-sized pickups has taught the company several lessons –- the hard way. According to Automotive News, the automaker is trying to adjust the production of certain trim levels to meet market demand; increasing output on some, while reducing others.The CrewMax ...


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