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    Officially Official: Piaggio MP3 400 and MP3 500

    click on the image above for many more pictures Way back in 2006, Piaggio invented a new category in motorcycling: the three-wheeled leaning scooter. It turns out that they were really on to something - the MP3 has been selling so well that Piaggio has decided to introduce two new versions of the ...

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    Ever see a tilting three-wheeled V-Max?

    The Yamaha V-Max is pretty much a two-wheeled muscle car, and many people have had a hard time keeping them on two wheels. Solution: add another wheel? Sure, according to Tilting Motor Works. Starting with Legos before moving on to something more substantial, Bob Mighell designed a new front end ...

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    Tokyo 2007 Preview: Yamaha Tesseract concept

    click above image to view an enlarged photo var digg_url = ''; And now for something completely different. Yamaha has just announced that it will be bringing a bevy of new motorcycle and scooter models to the ...


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