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    Studio Effect turns your snapshots into studio glamor shots

    If you sift through eBay Motors like a junkyard dog looks for bones, you may have already come across a Studio Effect image from Dimostra. They look a little out of place in an eBay Motors auction gallery, perhaps because they're a bit too perfect compared to the usual lot of hastily snapped ...

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    Shelby caught Photoshopping drama into press images

    As impressive as the Shelby 1000 is, someone at Shelby apparently thought 950 horsepower wasn't good enough. With a few clicks of the mouse, a photo of one of the muscled-up pony cars was given a little drama to boost excitement. At first, Shelby's official line was that nothing in the ...

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    Video: How to transform an Audi A1 into an S1

    Turning an Audi A1 into an S1 – Click above for high-res image gallery. Follow the jump to watch video.
    Proficiency is a wonderful thing to see in any category – we can even watch a great lawn bowler do his thing for a minute or two. So, when it's something closer to our interests, ...

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    Video: The Secret Lives of Car Photographers - Making a Lamborghini Murcielago SV look its best

    The secret art of automotive photography – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Over the past few years here at Autoblog, we've come to pride ourselves on our photography. But far from convincing ourselves that we're the be-all-and-end-all, if anything, our drive to provide better ...

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    Car and Driver drawing flak over Photoshopped BMW X6 M drag racing pic?

    Hardcore drag racers take their expensive hobby very seriously. Some drag owners cut into their 401k just to knock a couple tenths off of their quarter mile times, while others spend every possible spare moment of their lives holed up in a garage, perfecting their hot rod for just a few chances ...

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    Tuner's Delight: Photochopping the Hyundai Genesis Coupe

    The buzz surrounding the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe doesn't seem to be waning. We gave you video B-roll, a paper cut-out, and New York Auto Show coverage. Now, we are bringing you unofficial "photochopped" coverage as enthusiasts take the press images and have some fun customizing them. Take a ...

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    Paint your pre-production Dodge Challenger now

    Bored? Have an unhealthy Dodge Challenger fetish? The same Photoshop fiend that brought us a colored guide to the 2009 Chevy Camaro also created a very cool Challenger paint customizer web tool. Our guy Mike (Rampant on the CamaroZ28 forums) developed the Flash program with options for base color, ...

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    Meet the 2008 Chrysler 300 Cerberus Edition

    click here for high-res version var digg_url = ''; It's already been made known that Cerberus Capital Management CEO Stephen Feinberg has already made public that he regrets naming his private equity firm after the ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Lexus GS-F

    F, now there's a letter that says high performance, don't it? Lexus must have figured that all the good ones were taken, so why not just go with the first letter of FAST. No doubt, the GS-F will be a rocket. It better be, if it wants to try kicking sand in the face of the M5. The artist's rendering ...

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    Fool us once: Most recent '08 Impreza shots are photoshops

    We've now received our May issue of Motor Trend in the mail and can verify that the 2008 Subaru Impreza does appear on the cover and inside the mag. We can't show you those pictures of the car since they were taken by one of Motor Trend's photographers and are owned by the magazine (though you can ...

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    Autoblog's CARS Photochop gallery is complete

    click on image above to view the high-resolution gallery with 61 picsWhat started off as a suggestion turned into something much bigger when we politely prodded our readers to submit their own Pixar creations to us using the CARS Photochop guide we posted on January 2nd. In less than 10 days we've ...

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    Keep 'em coming: Pixar CARS Photochop photo gallery grows

    How sweet is that?!?!?! His name's Hugger, created by Michael W. We love our readers, especially when they send us things that make us happy like the Pixar Cars photochops we've been receiving. For those of you who may have missed it, John posted about to a NASIOC forum thread that laid out the ...

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    HOW TO: Photoshop your car into Lightning McQueen

    click on image above for gallery of high-res imagesEvery car has a personality, and most of us take that next step and christen our cars with names like Roger, the Powder Blue Thunder Wagon, the Scalded Chicken, and the Jetta Knight (all names of past cars I've owned). After watching Pixar's ...

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    Introducing the 2008 Cadillac CTS... courtesy of Photoshop

    click on image to enlarge var digg_url = ''; Autoblog reader Michael C. swears that someone besides himself must've come up with this bright idea before, but we can say as a matter of fact this is the first one we've seen. ...

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    Friday Photochop Fun: Mercury saved by Mondeo

    click on image to enlargeThis nicely done Photochop of a Mercury-badged Ford Mondeo was sent in to us by Autoblog reader Galvin, which is funny because it's the second Photochop of a Mercury-badged Ford Mondeo we've received from readers this week. The quality of Galvin's pixel painting got us ...

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    Revitalization in Action posts dream Saab lineup

    click on image to enlargeThe GM Inside News forum members who conjured up a dream Buick lineup for their project titled Revitalization in Action have come back again with a turnaround plan for Saab. GMI member ChevroletRevived collaborated with fellow forum member fbodyrules, who supplied the ...

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    Digimods: One photochopper's labor of love

    Peter Smith is a 20-year-old Brit who happens to be a big-time car enthusiast and an avid photochopper. His website, Digimods, is an online showcase of his work. Currently, he has 211 finished projects on display, including the sweet Lexus IS coupe shown above.Everything is fair game. As such, ...

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    First official shots of Mercedes-Benz C-Class?

    The Car Connection's TCC Confidential blog claims to have received in its email box this morning some pics of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class that expose what the car will look like when it's officially unveiled at next year's Geneva Motor Show. Hmm... we're going to go out on a limb here and say ...

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    Atari chooses gamer-designed concept for Test Drive Unlimited

    Atari's newest title, Test Drive Unlimited, will allow gamers to choose from some of the most sought after rides of the last decade. Included in the 90 licensed cars and bikes available for virtual flogging will be David Sichtermann's four-wheeled, mighty-morphin' one-seater. Judging by the above ...

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    Fans design dream lineups for GM brands

    The dedicated General Motors supporters at GMInsideNews are tired of waiting for GM to come up with the compelling model lineups that will propel its brands back to market leadership, so they've taken matters into their own hands, with a minisite called Revitalization in Action.The first marque to ...


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