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    Official: Honda Fit-based City sedan gets the Mugen treatment

    We've seen the new Fit in Mugen trim, and we've seen the Vezel crossover that shares its platform in Mugen trim too. But those aren't the only vehicles Honda is selling around the world based on that platform. Now the third has popped up with the Mugen treatment, too. That vehicle, of course, is ...

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    Video: Toyota Philippines lets loose in GT 86 promo vid

    The Toyota GT 86 has been one of the brand's video stars this year, gobbling up millions of frames as it makes friends in each new land. The story is no different in the Philippines, where a troupe of GT 86 coupes starred in a precision driving and drifting display at an airfield. Put together ...

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    Video: Video: The Mile celebrates supercars and charity in Philippines

    What's better than supercars? Supercars getting together for charity. To raise money for the Red Cross after Typhoon Sendong hit the Philippines, a group of enthusiasts who dub themselves "Track Hos" rented an airstrip at Subic Bay, where they assembled a large collection of supercars and got ...

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    Video: Top Gear Phillipines to paint editor's personal car pink if Facebook goal reached

    The Philippines outpost of Top Gear Magazine is out to snag as many Facebook likes as possible by August 31. You see, the publication just crafted its 77th issue, and to mark the occasion, it is hoping to pull down at least 77,000 Facebook likes by the magic date (no, we're not sure what the ...

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    Gilligan's Island tech? Coconut oil-fueled, bamboo taxi

    Bamboo Taxi - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Increasing powertrain efficiency is just one area in which vehicles' environmental impact can be lessened. A significant portion of the total energy used to operate the vehicle over its lifetime comes from sourcing and processing raw materials ...

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    Phillipines cracks down on smuggling by crushing exotics

    A Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche Cayenne, Carrera, BMW and possibly 15 more high-end auos have been sentenced to death via steam roller by the President of the Phillipines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.The cars had been smuggled into the country through a former US Naval base in Subic, and Pres. Arroyo ...

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    Another Ferrari goes up in smoke

    The picture above is, unfortunately, not a thinly-disguised prototype of a rocket-powered Ferrari F430. The sad truth is that yet another Prancing Horse has been destroyed, this time not by poor driving (at least not ostensibly), but by a fire in the engine bay. The picture was taken by the side of ...


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