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    Report: Why Hurricane Sandy fallout will hit luxury carmakers particularly hard

    When we say the worst of Hurricane Sandy has passed, we're only talking about the weather phenomena; the depth of the storm's other impacts will take time to measure. Many of the estimated 4,751 car dealers in the states affected by Sandy spent the run-up to the storm moving their inventory to ...

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    Report: Rogue Jeep on Philadelphia Airport runways causes terrorism scare [w/video]

    A runaway Jeep Grand Cherokee caused quite the disturbance in The Force Philadelphia on Thursday, March 1, when it broke through a chain-link fence and careened onto and across several active runways at Philadelphia International Airport. Air traffic control contacted all incoming planes – ...

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    Video: Philly suburb ponders fining people who don't lock their cars

    Upper Moreland Township moves to make unlocked cars illegal – Click above to watch video after the jump
    A suburb of Philadelphia is looking into making it a criminal offense to leave your vehicle unlocked. According to NBC Philadelphia, Upper Moreland Township wants to curb a recent rash of ...

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    Reader Spy: Bumblebee on set at Drexel University

    Click above for a photo gallery courtesy of AB reader Aleks Witko Thanks to reader Aleks Witko, who sent in the enclosed shots of the SS-ified (but certainly not sissified) 2008 edition of Bumblebee. The Transformers crew was shooting scenes at Drexel University in Philly, and Aleks scored some ...

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    Trucker slapped with $17,000 ticket

    You hear it and figure it must be some kind of urban legend. A truck driver makes a wrong turn and ends up with a $17,000 ticket. Well, it's actually not true. Truck driver William Carroll got lost in the suburbs around Philadelphia and when he got pulled over the ticket was actually for ...


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