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pgo speedster

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    PGO Hemera, because classic good looks never go out of style

    Click above for more shots of the PGO Hemera
    PGO, a French automaker that many have likely never heard of, has spilled the beans on its latest new car, which actually looks a lot like an old car. In this case, though, we'll forgive PGO for copying another automaker's styling, as the Porsche ...

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    Paris Motor Show: PGO Speedster II and Cevennes

    French coachbuilder PGO makes two limited-edition "neo-retro" roadsters that are clearly inspired by early Porsches. Beautifully crafted, both the Speedster II and the Cevennes are powered by mid/transverse-mounted 2-liter four-cylinder engines, with four valves per cylinder and a modest output of ...


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