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    Cadillac officially announces sponsorship of PGA Tour

    General Motors, fresh out of bankruptcy and back on the open market, has announced it will resume sponsorship of the PGA Tour. The automaker's last sponsorship in the golfing world, which famously paired star golfer Tiger Woods and Buick, ended in 2008 amidst major cutbacks just prior to filing ...

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    VIDEO: Best possible way to win a BMW Z4?

    2009 BMW Z4 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    PGA golfer Leif Olson has only made $19,512 so far in 2009, and, we're just guessing here when we say that his portfolio and his golf game probably isn't going to approach Tiger Woods status any time soon. At the same time, Olson has done ...

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    PGA Pro goes street racing, ends with fatality

    There isn't always a lot of overlap between the world of golf and our own automotive realm. Tiger gets some folks interested in Buicks and there are the occasional holes-in-one that result in a set of keys for the lucky ball striker, but other than that, we don't usually cross paths very much. ...

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    VIDEO: Tiger attacks from the sandtrap with a Buick Ranier

    Buick really scored a hole in one when they signed Tiger Woods to be the company spokesperson. Although not exactly the demographic, Buick's historical ties with the PGA make it a great marketing move. This video starts with Tiger looking for his "lost" wedge. As each group on the tee finds it, ...

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    Tiger Woods to help intro Buick Enclave

    GM's Chairman/CEO Rick Wagoner will join PGA superstar Tiger Woods to unveil the new-for-'08 Buick Enclave at this year's second L.A. Auto Show. Apparently moving the show to a new time slot in December to avoid the January competition with Detroit is already paying off for the L.A. organizers. ...

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    Tiger Woods set to roll around in the dirt with Kiwis

    Tiger Woods is used to long, commanding drives-- in fact, one could say he's made a habit of them. But the PGA's biggest star is set to trade in his golf clubs for a dirt oval stock car -- and in New Zealand, of all places. The Buick spokesman will dice it up with other celebrities (including ...

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    Ford trades golf pants for branding iron, chaps

    Virtually all automakers attempt to mold their image by aligning themselves with other organizations and sporting events, but we can't think of a recent move as extreme as that of Ford Motor Co. dropping its interest in the genteel sport of golf to sponsor professional ...


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