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26Peugeot takes aim at Mondeo with updated 508 lineup

Peugeot might not loom large on our radar screen since it doesn't market in North America, but overseas (and counted together with its Citroën brand), the French automaker is a big player – the eighth largest in the world, in fact, ahead of Suzuki, Mazda, Mercedes, BMW and (crucially) its cross-town rival Renault.

9Peugeot planning crossover wagon as new flagship?

When an automaker wants a flagship halo model, what form does it usually take? A sportscar or a luxury sedan most of the time. But Peugeot is planning neither. For its new flagship, the French automaker is reportedly going with a crossover.

48Peugeot 508 leaked well ahead of Paris debut

Peugeot 508 – Click above for high-res image gallery

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