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It may not predict a plug-in vehicle future, but there is something interesting happening in the UK. Auto Express notes that there is a worry about "fuel deserts" growing because there is now a record low number of gas stations in the UK. The UK used to have 21,000, now it has less than 8,500. The drop doesn't come from a lack of demand due to automotive fuel choices but because of, "increasing fuel taxes, crude oil prices and business rates, as well as unfair pricing regimes from some hypermark

Dutch inventors might have ushered in the return of the full-service station. Yet like so many other things being taken out of the hands of flesh and blood people, the new full-service could be an all-robot affair. The robot -- called the Tankpitstop robot -- is affixed to the bowser, and if it recognizes the make and model of car, and your gas cap doesn't need a key, it will open everything up and start pumping.

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