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    Stillborn USF1 team fined, banned from F1 forever?

    The World Motor Sport Council is just catching up to USF1's premature disappearance from Formula 1. The WSMC has reportedly banned the American ex-team forever – which we're guessing means the troika of Ken Anderson, Peter Windsor and Chad Hurley – from competing in F1, and fined it ...

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    USF1 reportedly still holding out hope for 2011

    Easy come, easy go. Only it was anything but an easy arrival for USF1, the highly anticipated and much-hyped American grand prix team that was slated to hit the grid this past weekend for the start of the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship. And in the end, much as Bernie Ecclestone ...

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    Report: USF1 team not dead yet, may miss early races

    USF1 has already entered the terminal vortex – that is the swirl of rumors, silence and denials that leads everyone casting pitiful glances at some entity, thinking "You stink of death." The team didn't say much when everyone was wondering what was happening, but in motorsports, everyone ...

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    VIDEO: USF1 joins the Interwebz

    The makings of USF1 -- Click above to watch video
    Last week, Formula One's commercial overseer Bernie Ecclestone said he didn't think USF1 was going to line up for the first race of 2010. To quote the man, "I think the people we expected to perform will and those that we thought wouldn't, won't." ...

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    REPORT: USF1 signs pay-drive deal with Jose Maria Lopez

    Reports circulating the motorsport press indicate that USF1 has signed a provisional contract with Argentine driver Jose Maria Lopez to drive for the new team next season. The arrangement, however, depends on Lopez bringing with him $8 million in sponsorship dollars, of which the young South ...

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    REPORT: USF1 wants NASCAR's Kyle Busch for driver duties

    F1 drivers have left the grid to go to NASCAR, so why not have a NASCAR driver make the leap to Formula 1? USF1's Peter Windsor reportedly has his eye on NASCAR bad boy Kyle Busch to pilot the team's single-seater in next year's championship. The 24-year-old Busch is said to have massive talent, ...

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    USF1 boss Peter Windsor confirms deal for Cosworth engines in 2010

    For a time in the 70s and 80s, Formula One wasn't dominated by automaker-backed factory teams. They were there, but independent teams were plentiful and often competitive. For many years most of those teams were powered by Cosworth engines, particularly the DFV and its derivatives. With the new ...


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