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    Nardelli returns to work after back injury

    Chrysler LLC chief Bob Nardelli is back to work after being laid up with a bad back the past couple of weeks, and here we didn't even know he was hurt. Some bloggers we are. Nardelli's injury didn't require surgery, and the Chrysler CEO worked from home while getting the rest needed to tend to ...

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    2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 en route to dealers

    Click the image above for more pics of the Challenger SRT8If you're one of the lucky 6,400 customers to lay claim to the 425 hp Dodge Challenger SRT8, we have good news. The first 1,000 special edition Challengers have already been built, and they're en-route to a dealer near you. For those of you ...

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    Chinese-made, Dodge-badged cars coming to Mexico next year

    After years of talk, Chery is finally entering the North American market later this year, but the small car will be badged as a Dodge, and it'll be sold exclusively in Mexico. The decidedly un-Hornet-looking A1, which was designed by Bertone of Italy, will be rebadged as a Dodge and virtually ...

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    Chrysler turns museum into non-profit, asks dealers for donations

    Chrysler's over-sized dealer-body has been struggling with the Pentastar's shrinking market share, but that's not stopping Chrysler brass from asking them for donations for the newly non-profit Walter P. Chrysler museum. Dealers are being asked to contribute $5,000 apiece to help keep the museum up ...

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    Chrysler workers none too happy about "mandatory" vacation

    The recent decision by Chrysler to give employees a mandatory, unpaid two week vacation has workers peeved, and it's tough to blame them. Many long-time workers have already planned and paid for vacations that land outside of July 7-21, so those employees will have to cancel their plans or risk ...

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    Chrysler offering in-car web access later this year

    Chrysler may be struggling with vehicle styling and interior quality, but the gang in Auburn Hills sure does love the gadgetry. Sirius satellite TV, heated and cooled cupholders, and Swivel-N-Go seating will soon be joined by in-car Internet access. The Washington Post reports Chrysler will utilize ...

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    Chrysler and Tata hook up... on computers

    Chrysler has been on the look-out lately for dancing partners for anything from vehicle platforms to alternative propulsion, and the Pentastar has extended its outsourcing to IT services. Chrysler and Tata Consultancy have teamed up on a $120 million, multi-year contract that sources Chrysler's ...

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    Speculation for 2008: Ford and Chrysler to merge?

    Chrysler and Ford have been at the top of the headlines all year long for various reasons, with Ford continuing to slim down by selling off its PAG brands, while Chrysler got dumped by Daimler and went private at the hands of Cerberus Capital Management. 2008 looks to be an equally interesting year ...

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    New Chrysler, new logo: say hello (again) to the pentastar

    We knew Chrysler would be returning to its well known pentastar logo after the sale of itself from DaimlerChrysler to Cerberus Capital Management went through, and that day was last Friday. Soon after we got a tip from a reader pointing us to a new website promoting "The New Chrysler", as well ...

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    Chrysler Corp. will revive Pentastar logo

    var digg_url = ''; In order to celebrate its new found freedom after being divorced from DaimlerChrysler AG, the newly minted Chrysler Corp. will ditch its current winged logo and return to the famous Pentastar logo. The Detroit ...


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