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    Video: Diabetic condition leads to wild snowy ride for Kia owner

    The blurry screencap shown above is of a driver in morning traffic on Pennsylvania's I-81, in mid-jump, hurtling down the snowy median. The man who captured the video, Shawn Lucas, thought the driver was trying to evade police, but it turns out the 61-year-old woman behind the wheel of the Kia ...

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    Report: PA couple accused of trying to blow up Ford Fusion with flaming tampons

    Two Pennsylvanians recently found themselves in trouble with the law after vandalizing a 2006 Ford Fusion in a decidedly inventive manner. Patricia and Quentin Deshong, 25 and 22, respectively, are staring down the barrel of charges ranging from attempted arson to public drunkenness, criminal ...

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    Video: Leaky tanker covers PA turnpike in 40 miles of sticky black goo

    Drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike were met with a sticky surprise Tuesday night after a tanker trunk with a leaky valve spilled between 4,000 and 5,000 gallons of a tar-like goo all over the highway. The spill, initially characterized as tar, was later revealed to be a driveway sealant. Some ...

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    Chip Ganassi, we salute you and your underground test track [w/video]

    Floyd Ganassi Jr, better known as Chip, is a fixture in the motorsports industry. He currently operates vehicles that run IndyCar, NASCAR and Grand-Am races. That requires knowledge of a variety of racing vehicles, and Ganassi has a unique way to test his vehicles – in a mile-long tunnel ...

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    Video: Icy Pittsburgh hill claims half a dozen cars

    Icy Pittsburgh hill becomes the scene of automotive carnage – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The east coast is under attack. The assailant? Mother Nature. Snow and rain continue to hammer this part of the nation, and when a downhill section of a road in the Pittsburgh town ...

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    PA town fines drivers trying to save shoveled-out parking spots

    The sun's just coming up and the coffee isn't quite done brewing, but you know what you have to do: grab the snow shovel and free your car from its soft, white prison. When finished, your automobile once again tastes freedom and you've built a nice little parking space. Rather than let someone ...

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    Pennsylvania to conduct seatbelt checks... from aircraft?

    Rule number one of the Internet should be to always read past the headline before hitting the keyboard to comment. A prime example comes from the latest press release from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The statement's headline implies that PA state troopers will be enforcing seatbelt use from ...

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    Ethanol from almost anything? Coskata opens Lighthouse cellulosic ethanol plant

    Coskata Lighthouse Cellulosic Ethanol Plant - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Coskata's newly-opened semi-commercial flex ethanol facility in Madison, Pennsylvania is as small as it can possibly be. Co-located at a Westinghouse facility that also in some fashion uses nuclear energy, the ...

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    Connellsville, PA shows off electric Chevy Impala police car

    Being green is all the rage these days, but for some, it's also economical. That's the thought behind the Connellsville, PA Police Department's newest cruiser, a 2000 Chevrolet Impala converted into an all-electric vehicle. The car was just delivered to the precinct today from United First ...

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    Trucker slapped with $17,000 ticket

    You hear it and figure it must be some kind of urban legend. A truck driver makes a wrong turn and ends up with a $17,000 ticket. Well, it's actually not true. Truck driver William Carroll got lost in the suburbs around Philadelphia and when he got pulled over the ticket was actually for ...


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