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21Charging-station payment convenience is key to EV adoption

The proverbial velvet rope may do wonders for trendy nightclubs, but it's apparently hurting the plug-in vehicle industry. While the lack of available public charging stations is largely viewed as a hurdle to broader EV adoption, research firm Frost & Sullivan says membership-based payment systems a big hindrance.

26More Americans paying their car loans on time

Nearly everyone in America with a car loan is making the payment on time, the Detroit Free Press is reporting.

28REPORT: BMW sues dead suspected fashion model killer

And you thought the story couldn't get more bizarre. Well, it turns out Ryan Jenkins, the now-deceased Canadian Realtor-turned-reality-TV-contestant-turned-accused-murderer may have allegedly tossed more than Jasmine Fiore in the dumpster. According to BMW, Jenkins hadn't made a payment on his leased 3 Series since March, and his account is now seriously past due.

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