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    Report: Georgia law goes after left-lane lingerers, we cheer

    Georgia drivers are going to face a new law on the Peach State's roads, as a bill aimed at left-lane hogs has received near unanimous approval in the state's House of Representatives, passing 162 to nine. The bill, colloquially called the "slow-poke" bill but officially known as House Bill 459, ...

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    Video: Subaru Impreza shows off 360-degree passing technique

    Leave it to a Subaru WRX to find a new way to improve the art of passing. This dash cam vid shows a white WRX pirouetting past our recording car and somehow straightening out before either sliding off the road or slamming into the car ahead. If this were a standard move in rally racing, the WRC ...

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    Video: Overtaking redefined

    Courses de Bazous St. Ferdinand Autoquad pass – click above to watch the video
    We've seen some fine passes in our day, both by professional shoes like Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna, as well as unnamed trackday heroes. The pro stuff is great, but sometimes, nothing succeeds like a ...

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    VIDEO: The Best F1 Overtaking Moves

    Overtaking is the best part of F1. When you see a great overtaking maneuver while watching a grand prix live, it stays with you. When there's not enough overtaking, fans and pundits call for rule changes. Overtaking wins races and shames champions. It's the sweetest plum, the cherry atop the ...

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    Drive Right, Pass Left cure to congestion woes?

    There are very few things that truly piss us off when behind the wheel. While inattention and ignorance seem to top that list, there is one specific act that infuriates us beyond description and causes our fuel-enriched blood to boil. Ladies and gentlemen (and yes, we know we're preaching to the ...


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