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    Report: MI court ruling gives you permission to yell at parking meter enforcement

    Have you ever left your car at a metered parking spot, for just a few minutes too long, only to come back to a parking ticket? Have you ever wanted to yell at the parking enforcement officer? Well, as Jared Rapp found out, the practice is protected by the Constitution. Rapp, 29, was a student at ...

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    Report: Would you be upset if Chicago moved your car without asking? [w/poll]

    Chicago Kafkaesque system for moving vehicles to clear space for municipal work or TV/movie production is not working as advertised. In theory, it's straightforward: the city tows someone's car to an out-of-the-way parking space to make room and enters the new location into a database within 20 ...

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    Video: Watch some drunk German football fans cheer on a parallel parker

    Europeans, as we know, take their football (our soccer) seriously – it isn't until a team wins that their fans can stop being so focused and have some serious fun. Exhibit A: after the German national team beat Argentina in Euro 2012, some chaps still full of cheer (and beer, presumably) ...

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    Video: German town doles out parking spaces based on sex

    Triberg, Germany is known for having the world's largest cuckoo clock and the country's tallest waterfalls. And now, it's known for having gender-specific parking spaces. After the town's newest public parking lot opened, Triberg mayor Gallus Strobel decided at least two of the spots were hard ...

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    Report: Parking: It's what your car does 90 percent of the time

    We may love our cars, but we certainly don't spend much time with them. The 2012 Emerging Trends in Parking survey by the International Parking Institute reveals a number of interesting facts about the place the vehicles we love spend the most time: Parking spaces. According to the ...

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    Report: Single parking spot being offered for $1M in New York City

    That's right a parking spot for $1 million! Well, that's not quite fair. It's a one-space, 12x23 foot parking garage with 15-foot ceilings that would allow the space to be "duplexed" to allow storage of two cars. The garage comes with its own deed and the owner will still pay monthly maintenance ...

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    Report: New Yorkers want parking ban to curb... sex in cars?

    To some residents of Midtown Manhattan, sex is a problem. Specifically, sex in cars is a problem and they've asked the Community Board to ban weekend parking on their streets. The board granted the request, citing chronic drug use, double parking and rampant sex. Unfortunately, the board has no ...

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    Report: NY city council bans alternate side parking shame stickers

    New York City drivers rarely get much to be happy about, but a recent decision by the New York City Council to eliminate the practice of stickering parking violators is bound to be greeted with unanimous joy. Outside of the mayor's office, that is. Despite The New York Times reporting a 47-0 ...

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    ParkatmyHouse lets you rent your driveway for parking

    We've never found ourselves with an excess of driveway space, but if that changes any time in the near future, there's a chance the vacant asphalt could make us a buck or two. allows users to upload photos of their driveways, garages or yards and then rent the space for parking ...

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    Video: Parallel parking like a pro

    Big city parking blows. You're either fighting the vultures to get a spot on the street, or paying a king's ransom to park off it. (Let's not even talk about parking tickets.) And if you want to own a nice car? Fuhgeddaboudit. Because there are always guys like this, who won't think twice about ...

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    Report: LA police stymied by do-it-yourself parking bans

    Finding a good parking spot on the public beaches of Malibu, California is difficult enough, and area residents are making it much harder. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Malibu residents are planting fake 'no parking' signs up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. The many signs sometimes ...

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    Study: Gas pumps found to be germiest things we touch

    We think Nissan has found its new spokesman for the all-electric Leaf. A microbiologist at the University of Arizona known as "Dr. Germ" says he's identified gas pumps as the biggest biohazard in modern society. According to The Los Angeles Times, the doctor's research results show 71 percent of ...

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    Video: Porsche 911 somersaults into parking space, sticks the landing [UPDATE]

    Like most auto enthusiasts, we prefer to park our own cars rather than hand the keys off to the valet. This Porsche car owner, however, skipped the whole parking lot song and dance entirely. How so? A lot of speed and some barrel rolls. The end result is a parking spot at the rear of the lot, ...

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    Video: Time-lapse parking lot problem solving

    We aren't sure what country this is, but parking-lot etiquette is clearly a foreign concept. Even without the the guy who thinks it's just peachy-keen to block everyone else in, this lot is a circus. When faced with adversity, however, those affected by their fellow motorist's lack of ...

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    San Francisco adopting demand-based parking system with pricing up to $18/hr?

    Have you ever found yourself cursing at a parking meter because it wants $2.00 of your hard earned change? Residents of San Francisco do not feel your pain. A new demand-based system is getting ready to be tested, which, during certain special events, could drive the hourly parking rate up to ...

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    Report: UK woman wins 30-hour standoff with parking enforcement officer

    Walking out to find a boot on your car is about the third worst thing that can happen to your parked vehicle. (One and two would have to be finding out your car was towed or broken into.) Jessica Davey of Southern England walked out to find her Renault Clio wearing the extra metal on one of ...

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    UK road workers lift parked cars, paint lines underneath them, then give warnings

    If you've ever felt like the meter maid is out to get you, you're not alone. You may not be paranoid, either. According to a report in the UK's Daily Mail, a Manchester work crew recently found their efforts hindered by a number of cars parked along a side street. Rather than simply wait and close ...

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    Google Open Spot app crowd-sources parking

    For such a simple act of humanity, parking a car can sometimes be the single most horrendous act of your morning commute or that late night trip to Taco Bell the local mall. If only there was an easier way to know exactly where you'd be able to locate the perfect spot ahead of time, right? Google ...

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    Video: What to do when you can't find parking in China? Make your own

    Make your own parking spot – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Having just survived a trip to New York, we know all about the challenges of trying to find a parking space in the world's busiest cities. Nabbing a spot for your car is one part luck of the draw and two parts being ...

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    "Worst Parking Job Ever" woman gets $500 fine, restricted from driving

    The worst parking job – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Justice has finally caught up with the driver of a BMW X5 who thought she could get away with playing Monster Jam in the parking lot of the local gym. You may recall the tale of Tripta Kaushal. Last October, the 62-year old ...


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