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parking violation

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    SpotSquad app will let you snitch on illegal parkers [w/video]

    If we were cynical marketers, we might suggest this as a tag line for the upcoming smartphone app called SpotSquad: "Rat out your friends and neighbors for a few lousy bucks!" That's right, belying the stereotype of the unfailingly polite Canadian, Winnipeg-based SpotSquad is creating an app ...

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    Video: Here's one destructive way to get out of a parking ticket

    Just another day on another street in New York City: a meter reader and a random contractor shouting it out about a parking fine and the tardy insertion of a quarter. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, the contractor's partner is really, really not happy about getting this ticket. He doesn't shout ...

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    Incoming Oakland mayor arrives to find Prius booted over unpaid parking tickets - report

    Jean Quan is the incoming mayor of Oakland, California and a city council member. One of the perks related to her position is a reserved parking spot where she can park her Toyota Prius. However, she has quickly learned that she's not immune to the things the rest of us have to worry about. ...


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