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parking ticket

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    Video: Watch Aussie try to pay parking ticket in coins

    A man in Adelaide, Australia was understandably perturbed after getting a $60 parking ticket. Rather than just pay his fine and carry on with the day, he opted to make life difficult for the folks at the Adelaide City Council, by giving them $60 in nickels to count through. Not the nicest gesture ...

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    Report: London firm hiring professional double-parkers to avoid fines

    Autoblog sister site AOL UK reports that a company in London is hiring young drivers to sit double parked in the businesses vans, in an effort to avoid parking fines. As a traffic officer approaches, the drivers simply start up the van and drive away. (a property management firm, as ...

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    Report: NYPD officer fired after ticketing dead people, blames quotas

    A New York City Police Department officer has been fired for a ticket-writing scheme after 17 years on the force. According to The New York Post, Paul Pizzuto wrote summonses to drivers he'd ticketed in the past, some of whom had been deceased for years by the time the citations arrived in the ...

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    Followup: NYC cop whose foot was run over by Ferrari driver reportedly filing $10M lawsuit [w/video]

    Remember the genius who tried to run over an NYPD officer that was writing ticket for said genius' illegally parked Ferrari? Said genius is being sued by said cop for $10 million. The 458 Spider owner has a name; Julien Chabbot. According to the New York Post, the 28-year-old Internet ...

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    Video: Busting able-bodied drivers in handicap spaces

    While no one on the Autoblog staff requires handicapped parking, we have friends and family who do. Seeing perfectly able-bodied people stroll from their illegally-parked cars into a building is infuriating. But, fearing road rage reprisal, we don't dare confront these folks. Two reporters for ...

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    Video: Ferrari 458 driver runs over cop's foot, jailarity ensues

    If you've been part of the Autoblog family for any amount of time, you'll know we post some videos showcasing outrageous behavior. Still, it's been a while since we came across actions as willfully brainless as those in this video. A man parks his Ferrari 458 Italia on a street in New York City. ...

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    Report: MI court ruling gives you permission to yell at parking meter enforcement

    Have you ever left your car at a metered parking spot, for just a few minutes too long, only to come back to a parking ticket? Have you ever wanted to yell at the parking enforcement officer? Well, as Jared Rapp found out, the practice is protected by the Constitution. Rapp, 29, was a student at ...

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    Report: Italian man gets $44,500 parking ticket that dates to 208 AD

    Never underestimate the power of a clerical error. A couple in Sicily were recently treated to an eye-popping $44,500 parking fine after interest and late fees were accounted for. According to the officer who wrote the citation, the car was illegally parked in the year 208 during the reign of ...

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    Video: Here's one destructive way to get out of a parking ticket

    Just another day on another street in New York City: a meter reader and a random contractor shouting it out about a parking fine and the tardy insertion of a quarter. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, the contractor's partner is really, really not happy about getting this ticket. He doesn't shout ...

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    Parking fines on single London street reportedly reach over $1.5M

    We can officially quit our whining over our latest parking ticket. Across The Pond, London authorities have begun putting local drivers' feet to the fire and are raking in record fines as a result. One street even managed to pull down nearly £1 million ($1.6 million at current conversion ...

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    Incoming Oakland mayor arrives to find Prius booted over unpaid parking tickets - report

    Jean Quan is the incoming mayor of Oakland, California and a city council member. One of the perks related to her position is a reserved parking spot where she can park her Toyota Prius. However, she has quickly learned that she's not immune to the things the rest of us have to worry about. ...

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    UK road workers lift parked cars, paint lines underneath them, then give warnings

    If you've ever felt like the meter maid is out to get you, you're not alone. You may not be paranoid, either. According to a report in the UK's Daily Mail, a Manchester work crew recently found their efforts hindered by a number of cars parked along a side street. Rather than simply wait and close ...

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    How do you get out of those pesky parking tickets? Why, blame your identical twin, of course!

    Anyone that has a sibling knows that as kids they're constantly blaming the other for just about everything that goes wrong. In Switzerland, twin brothers have the blame game down to a science, as they've successfully talked their way out of 29 parking tickets by refusing to pay the fine because ...

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    Booted Bugatti Veyron proof that nobody is safe from the recession

    The booted Bugatti - click above for a gallery of before-and-after images
    To their credit, the police in Slovakia evidently make no exceptions for €1.1 million supercars. There are supposedly two Bugatti Veyrons registered in the European country, and this one is said to belong to Ladislav ...

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    Fake parking tickets lead to computer virus

    How could a fake parking ticket possibly lead to a virus on your computer? It goes something like this: You walk out of a store and notice a yellow ticket on the windshield of your car. It's apparently a parking violation, and it directs you to a specific website. Once at the website, there are in ...

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    Man avoids parking ticket by refusing to get out of car

    This has got to be karmically bad, but you still have to admire the guy. Mr. Shah, a personal trainer living in West London, had illegally parked his E39 5-Series due to a misinterpretation of the parking signs near his home. The reason for the infraction was no matter to tow truck operators, who ...

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    That's the Ticket! Crowd cheers as Veyron gets parking fine

    var digg_url = ''; In some countries, folks cheer at the sight of an exotic supercar, while in others they assume the driver is a (expletive deleted). In which camp would you think England falls? We'd have hoped the ...

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    SUV owners receiving special citations in UK

    British SUV owners may return to their parked vehicles only to find a ticket decorating their windshield. But they aren't parking violations, they're shame awareness tickets from an environmental group chiding owners for driving resource-hungry vehicles in cities like London. Advocates say ...


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