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parking meter

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    Report: New Hampshire town suing "Robin Hood" group for filling strangers' parking meters [w/poll]

    A lawsuit in New Hampshire, a state where they take their slogan – Live Free or Die – seriously, is setting the city of Keene against a group of citizens fighting "the violent monopoly" by putting money in the about-to-expire parking meters of strangers. The action is known as "Robin ...

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    Report: MI court ruling gives you permission to yell at parking meter enforcement

    Have you ever left your car at a metered parking spot, for just a few minutes too long, only to come back to a parking ticket? Have you ever wanted to yell at the parking enforcement officer? Well, as Jared Rapp found out, the practice is protected by the Constitution. Rapp, 29, was a student at ...

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    Video: Here's one destructive way to get out of a parking ticket

    Just another day on another street in New York City: a meter reader and a random contractor shouting it out about a parking fine and the tardy insertion of a quarter. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, the contractor's partner is really, really not happy about getting this ticket. He doesn't shout ...

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    San Francisco adopting demand-based parking system with pricing up to $18/hr?

    Have you ever found yourself cursing at a parking meter because it wants $2.00 of your hard earned change? Residents of San Francisco do not feel your pain. A new demand-based system is getting ready to be tested, which, during certain special events, could drive the hourly parking rate up to ...

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    Parking fines on single London street reportedly reach over $1.5M

    We can officially quit our whining over our latest parking ticket. Across The Pond, London authorities have begun putting local drivers' feet to the fire and are raking in record fines as a result. One street even managed to pull down nearly £1 million ($1.6 million at current conversion ...

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    No Quarter: Aussie gang pinched for stealing over $550,000... from parking meters

    Ever since the advent of the parking meter, there have been hoods cracking them open and stealing the coins inside. Historically, we're talking about nickels and dimes here, but while those can add up, this is a different ballgame altogether. A gang of criminals in Queensland, Australia, has been ...

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    The parking meter called, your time's up

    Have you ever rushed out of the office to feed your parking meter to find a friendly traffic cop writing you a sweet little love note? Wouldn't it have been nicer had the cop just called you to say, "Hey, just though you might want to throw a couple of quarters down my way." Sorry, not gonna ...


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