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parking lot

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    Video: Parking lot traps uncoordinated driver [NSFW]

    We certainly have sympathy for this hapless driver who had a difficult time leaving a Wits University parking lot in Johannesburg, South Africa. The lot is overcrowded and probably beyond capacity, making the driver's efforts to turn down its lanes an exercise in futility and frustration. It ...

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    Video: Time-lapse parking lot problem solving

    We aren't sure what country this is, but parking-lot etiquette is clearly a foreign concept. Even without the the guy who thinks it's just peachy-keen to block everyone else in, this lot is a circus. When faced with adversity, however, those affected by their fellow motorist's lack of ...

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    Video: The Parking Lot Movie

    The Parking Lot Movie – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The minimum-wage job is a rite of passage. If you've earned your stripes manning a deep fryer, selling women's shoes or digging ditches, you likely know that level of degradation and suffering that invariably provides a ...

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    Full Boat: Dormant ships being used as lots for unsold vehicles

    Looking for a place to stash tens of thousands of unsold new vehicles, automakers are turning unused car carrier ships into floating parking holds. It's an unusual development, especially in a shipping industry that is used to having boats filled to capacity and running full steam across the seas. ...

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    Parking stripe ads assault the senses from beneath your feet

    var digg_url = ''; My father used to stripe parking lots as a side business, and while still with us, he will nonetheless find a grave, hop in it, and roll over after learning that his beloved lines are now ...


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