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parking fail

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    ETC: UK workers strand car on island of asphalt to keep working

    Generally speaking, when you illegally park your car, you're likely to get ticketed and towed, but there is probably at least one motorist in Scotland who wishes that was the case. After workers had blocked off a portion of the parking lot for the Edinburgh Waverley railway station, the driver of ...

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    Video: Tel Aviv woman's car painted into handicap spot and then towed

    As a general rule, we try to follow a few simple principles throughout the day, and one of the most important is, "don't anger the road workers." Why? The guys and girls responsible for taking care of our nation's roadways wield the seldom-seen power to seriously put a kink your day. If you need ...

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    Video: Is this the world's worst parking attempt?

    Just a little word of advice: if a friend needs your help to back up while trying to park, it would probably be wise not to stand behind her while she does so. Such is the lesson we learn from today's frightening dash cam video. As the driver of this Renault Sandero Stepway has problems ...

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    "Worst Parking Job Ever" woman gets $500 fine, restricted from driving

    The worst parking job – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Justice has finally caught up with the driver of a BMW X5 who thought she could get away with playing Monster Jam in the parking lot of the local gym. You may recall the tale of Tripta Kaushal. Last October, the 62-year old ...

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    FAIL: Multi-level Parking in NYC

    Click above for high-res image gallery
    We saw plenty of these multi-level parking structures during our trip to NYC this past week, and even commented on how their space efficiency would work well in our own cities where giant parking garages dominate the landscape. Perhaps we spoke too soon. ...


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