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    Video in the FastLane II: Lutz on Buick

    The GM FastLane Blog revealed that its first video interview with Bob Lutz that addressed GM concept cars was actually supposed to be the second one released. This new video just released today was to be the first, but technical issues pushed it back. Here we have Lutz in front of the lens ...

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    Shanghai Motor Show: Buick Park Ave makes its entrance

    Click image for 41 press kit photos of the Buick Park Avenue and here for live shotsWe've pretty much told you all there is to tell about Buick's new Chinese-market Park Avenue. To review the particulars, it's derived from Holden's long-wheelbase WM platform, making essentially a rebadged Holden ...

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    Buick reintroduces the Park China

    Click image for hi-res galleryGM announced today that the Buick Park Avenue is making a return to the marketplace as a RWD, Zeta-based vehicle. Unfortunately for us, that marketplace is China.The Park Avenue, like the GM Daewoo L4X introduced last week in Seoul, is a rebadged Holden WM ...

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    VIDEO: A New York Minute - Audi R8 in Manhattan

    Four days ago we brought you in-depth coverage of Audi's publicity parade on Park Avenue, featuring the new R8 supercar, the R10 Le Mans racer and the 1938 Auto Union Type-D "Silver Arrow". The attention-grabbing event marked the North American debut of the R8 as well as the opening of Audi's new ...

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    Buick Lucerne living large on dealer lots

    General Motors would like to us view the Lucerne as one of its Value Pricing success stories. The big FWD sedan is selling well with few incentives, which means its average transaction price is staying relatively high. Buick has sold 22,124 Lucerne's in the first quarter, but is expecting to build ...


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