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park assist

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    Official: Check out Ford's fully automated self-parking car [w/video]

    As automakers continue to find uses for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle technology, Ford of Europe has announced that it is developing a self-parking system for future use. More advanced than the Active Park Assist already offered in many Ford products, the new Fully Assisted Parking Aid ...

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    Video: New Ford Police Interceptor tech protects cops' backsides

    It was only a matter of time before law enforcement agencies would realize the potential of driver-assist technology for use in their Ford Police Interceptors, and, now that they have, those back-up cameras and radar systems won't be used just for parking, but for security, as well. The ...

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    Video: Ford tilts pinball parkers to promote Focus, Active Park Assist

    We've got to hand it to Ford of Europe – this is one of the most brilliant marketing stunts we've ever seen. Blending the correct amounts of populist outrage, mockery of the common man, hidden cameras, big budget technology, and gritty urban realism into one literal over-the-top promotion ...

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    Detroit 2009: Ford demos Park Assist system

    Lexus introduced the first parallel parking system in a production vehicle when it launched the 2007 Lexus LS460. Ford will be second to the game with its new Park Assist system, though the Blue Oval would argue that their system is easier to operate. To use Park Assist, all you need to ...

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    Parking assist one-upsmanship: New VW system doesn't need driver in car

    The honchos at VW decided that Park Assist (PA) wasn't enough. That's where the car parallel parks itself while you twiddle your thumbs behind the wheel, and when the Fasten Seat Belt sign is extinguished you can get out and go on about your business. The latest development from VW is called Park ...


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