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parallel parking

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    Video: Watch this Chinese stunt driver parallel park with only 3 inches to spare

    Whenever this writer thinks of fancy parking jobs, we go straight to Buddy Love singing Strokin' in a red Dodge Viper he slides into a tiny space in The Nutty Professor. But after watching the video above, we might have to start thinking about Han Yue, who broke the world record for getting into ...

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    Video: Tightest parallel parking record falls yet again

    It looks as if Mini didn't get to hold onto its Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel parking job for all that long. German stunt driver Ronny Wechselberger managed to slide a Volkswagen Up! into a space of just 12 feet and 0.88 inches. Given that the three-door Up! takes up a full 11 ...

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    Video: Watch some drunk German football fans cheer on a parallel parker

    Europeans, as we know, take their football (our soccer) seriously – it isn't until a team wins that their fans can stop being so focused and have some serious fun. Exhibit A: after the German national team beat Argentina in Euro 2012, some chaps still full of cheer (and beer, presumably) ...

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    Video: Mini gets in Guinness with tightest parallel parking job

    Electronic nannies have become so prevalent in cars that they've even taken over even the simple act of parking. Luxury cars have offered parallel parking assist systems for a while now, but these days you can get automatic parking tech on cars as mainstream as the Ford Focus. Mini has set out ...

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    Video: Parallel parking like a pro

    Big city parking blows. You're either fighting the vultures to get a spot on the street, or paying a king's ransom to park off it. (Let's not even talk about parking tickets.) And if you want to own a nice car? Fuhgeddaboudit. Because there are always guys like this, who won't think twice about ...

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    Video: Human vs. Lincoln MKT: Who is better at parallel parking?

    Auto journalist Ezra Dyer has thrown down the parking gauntlet on the Lincoln MKT in a battle for ultimate supremacy. Dyer fancies himself a fairly skilled parallel parker, and wanted to test his mettle against the self-park feature on the MKT. Armed with a tape measure, a video camera and a ...

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    Video: Crazy Russian commuter's parking job

    Crazy Russian parking job – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Parking can be the toughest part of any commute, unless of course you've gone to the Ken Block School of Parallel Precision. Beyond the jump is a very short clip a Russian driver who didn't have time to turn around ...

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    U.K. study suggests women don't park as well as men

    We've heard this before: men are better at parking than women. It sounds like a bunch of macho male ego BS that's been perpetuated since the days of Leave it to Beaver (happy 94th birthday, Barbra Billingsley!) and Father Knows Best, but the U.K.'s Telegraph reports that a study shows that this ...

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    REPORT: Vauxhall team creates mathematical formula for perfect parking

    Parallel parking isn't difficult, but we have generally found ways to make it so. Between cars that almost kinda park for you to those with video game displays that turn parking into a Microsoft Flight Simulator landing attempt to the automated cars that park themselves (a frickin' robot! To ...

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    From the archives: Students build their own parallel parking system

    Click above to view the YouTube clips after the jump
    Ford's recent announcement of a new, automated parallel-parking system has prompted us to drive down Memory Lane and revisit an oldie-but-goodie. A couple years back, a handful of highly-motivated, up-and-coming mechanical engineers from the ...

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    Ford automates parallel parking for Lincoln MKS, MKT

    Click above for a high-res shot of Active Park Assist in action
    Admit it, you've embarrassed yourself at some point trying to parallel park. It's like they say about drivers at Indianapolis: There are those who have hit the wall, and those who will. The same principle applies when it comes to ...

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    VIDEO: Your car won't fit, lady

    No smartass comments about women drivers, capisce? It could just as easily have been a man at the wheel trying to squeeze 12 feet of car into 10 feet of parking space. While we do admire her determination, we question her depth perception, and her social graces. Perhaps it was a mild case of road ...

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    Another parking nanny, this one by Bosch

    As a woman, I find the various gadgets making it easier to operate your everyday automobile fascinating. A sensor to check your blind spot for you? Brilliant. Adaptive suspension? Perfect for more sophisticated drivers. But even more fascinating, however, is the subsequent impact upon the "guy ...

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    Watch out Lexus: Students design auto-park system

    A rather creative group of mechanical engineering students at the University of Toledo have taken on a unique task: parallel parking. We all know that Lexus has made headlines with the LS460 and the Advanced Parking Guidance System, but these guys have designed a relatively simple alternative that ...

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    CNBC's Phil LeBeau doesn't park the Lexus LS460... the LS460 parks the LS460

    The Lexus LS460 is a technophile's dream car -- it hosts the first eight-speed transmission, a rear-view camera, 19-speaker Mark Levinson stereo and hard disk drive to store 4,000 songs... and it parks itself. CNBC's Phil LeBeau shows us how "hands-free" is really done in the video above. We've ...

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    VIDEO: BMW parks itself sans driver

    BMW unveiled a new system this week in Munich that enables a car to park itself without driver involvement. The remote parking-assist technology uses off-the-shelf technology already in use on many BMW vehicles, including sensors like those that measure distance and alert the driver when the ...


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