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341938 Cadillac V16 convertible parades from White House to auction house

The unfortunate reality of a post-JFK, post-9/11 America means that our president needs to be hidden away from public view, and the details of his high-security transportation are just as hidden. But there was a time when the leader of the free world was paraded around for all to see, and for three presidents of these United States, this was the car in which they met their constituents.

7Bonhams to auction Lincoln fit for a pope... or an astronaut

Not a lot of people have use for a parade car. The pope would, as would a group of astronauts returning from a mission in space to be showered with ticker tape. And if you think you deserve a parade of your own, this could be your vehicle of choice.

53Beijing 2010: First Auto Works Red Flag limo is fit for government work

FAW Red Flag – Click above for high-res image gallery

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