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    SEMA: Ringbrothers ADRNLN Pantera is yellow, isn't mellow

    In the annals of automobile history, there have been many successful vehicles from small European automakers powered by good old-fashioned American V8 engines. Perhaps the most well-known of these Anglo-American mashups is the Shelby Cobra, but another model that figures prominently into the ...

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    Report: De Tomaso chairman arrested amidst accusations of misappropriated funds

    Gian Mario Rossignolo, the chairman of De Tomaso, has been arrested under suspicion of misusing $9.2 million in public funds, according to Reuters. Rossignolo was taken into custody alongside both the company's head of human resources and a financial intermediary as part of the probe. The ...

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    Report: De Tomaso files for bankruptcy

    Another small automaker is heading to bankruptcy court in less than a week with the report that De Tomaso has run out of cash and credit. When Artega filed for bankruptcy last week, we felt a bit of a twinge since the German firm has a cool little sports car that just never really got going. And ...

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    Report: De Tomaso sells Deauville production rights to China

    We all got a little excited when news emerged that De Tomaso was being reborn. After all, what could it hurt to have another storied Italian exotic automaker in the world, right? But then came the Deauville. Though the Pininfarina-penned shape wasn't exactly hate-worthy, the emergence of a ...

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    Report: De Tomaso to unveil new Pantera at Frankfurt

    Let us tell you how this works, De Tomaso: First you give us the supercar, then you dilute the brand with crossovers and city cars and such. Got it? Just ask Porsche or Aston Martin. Oh never mind – we'll just take the sportscar now. Half a year after reviving the brand, inexplicably, with ...

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    Video: De Tomaso's new Pantera spied leaving Modena factory

    There are some things in this world that, no matter how many there are, we can never get quite enough. Like sleep. Or Victoria's Secret lingerie models. (Or ideally, a combination of the two.) And of course, mid-engined Italian supercars. The next expected to join the fold is De Tomaso. The ...

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    Report: De Tomaso Pantera will return in 2011

    The De Tomaso Deauville concept debuted at the Geneva Motor Show to mostly disappointed reactions. Even if it wasn't a re-dressed Cadillac SRX, it would be tough for anything to live up to the spectacular and long-running Pantera that DeTomaso is most commonly known for. If you're concerned that ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1974 De Tomaso Pantera - with 135 miles

    1974 De Tomaso Pantera L – Click above for image gallery
    It's hard to imagine the automotive landscape without the wonder that is eBay Motors. Yes, we would probably be a little more productive without the ever-present temptation of thousands of rare and unique listings leading our web ...

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    REPORT: Rossignolo buys De Tomaso, new models headed for Geneva in 2011

    Panthera Rendering - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're working off a machine-translated web page, so bear with us, but it looks like legendary Seventies marque De Tomaso is being resurrected once again. This time by a wealthy Italian industrialist named Gian Mario Rossingnolo. Looks ...

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    Going once, going twice.....going...anyone? DeTomaso fails to sell at auction

    Italian-Argentine exotic car manufacturer DeTomaso has been in liquidation since 2004, and yesterday, the entire brand was once again on the auction block – in this case, the writing desk of Monica Rossi in Modena – for a starting bid of €1.6 million (nearly $2.3 million USD). ...

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    Chicago 2009: SHO History - The real reason Ford had Yamaha's V6 lying around

    In case you haven't noticed, there will always be a place in our hearts for the Taurus SHO, and news that the car is headed back to production has at least one staffer in something approaching a dream state. But if you ever really thought about it, it doesn''t really make too much sense that Ford ...

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    De Tomaso Pantera revival could be based on the Gallardo

    click on the pic above for a gallery of 11 shotsWe've heard rumblings of a De Tomaso Pantera revival for the last year or so, and now reports are appearing that suggest that the new car, if it ever sees the light of day at all, may not be the same Ford-powered mid-engined supercar that we've come ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Artist's take on a new Pantera

    click on the pic above for a gallery of 11 shotsFollowing on the heels of a rumored revival of the DeTomaso name, 3D hotshot Stefan Schulze has whipped up a flight of fancy that could serve as the flagship of the marque's resurgence. The gorgeously rendered "Panthera" (we suspect the "h" is in ...

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    REPORT: De Tomaso revival in the works

    In the present automotive climate, with historic European marques being revived left, right and center, a name like de Tomaso couldn't lay dormant for long. The Modena-based supercar-maker (not unlike Pagani) founded by Argentine-Italian industrialist and former racing driver Alejandro de Tomaso ...

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    Alfa Romeo 159 new Italian "Pantera"

    Many precincts in the U.S. are ecstatic over their new Dodge Charger police cruisers, but Italian police are just as pleased to replace their fleet of Fiat Mareas with the new Alfa 159. Police cruisers in Italy are called Panteras, which means "Panther" in English, and the crime-fighting Pantera ...


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