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45New Cadillac ELR ad more educational, less controversial than 'Poolside'

Cadillac's first TV commercial for its ELR plug-in hybrid, Poolside, was a smash hit, in that a lot of people saw and talked about it. The 60-second spot didn't say the car was a plug-in, took potshots at the work ethic of all non-Americans and has raked in over a million views on YouTube (you can add one more here). Caddy's new ELR video will get a lot less media attention, but that's exactly the point.

114GM executive chief EV engineer says reducing cost of plug-in vehicles is 'huge priority'

Would deal with customer's No. 1 complaint about Chevy Volt

As we know, another major automaker investing heavily in electrified vehicles is General Motors, and it's doing things much differently than rivals BMW, Ford or Nissan. The Chevrolet Volt extended-range EV is a modest seller at its $35,000 sticker price but a huge hit with owners. The Chevy Spark BEV, still in limited availability, puts smiley faces on its owners and drivers. The just-introduced Cadillac ELR, a sharp-looking, fun-driving $76,000 luxocoupe take on the Volt's EREV mechanicals, has

AddVolt engineers chat live from cold-weather testing in Canada tonight

Want to know more about the cold-weather testing of the Chevrolet Volt that's currently taking place in Kapuskasing, Ontario? If so, come back to AutoblogGreen tonight for a live chat with Andrew Farah and Pam Fletcher from the Volt powertrain team. General Motors is hosting the chat and, if it's like the company's other social media events, the text will be available after the live event in case you miss it when it's happening. Of course, if you want to ask the team if they are wishing for temp

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