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    Official: New Mazda Flairwagon offers nothing of the sort

    Joining the AZ-Wagon, AZ-Offroad, Carol and delightfully named Scrum Wagon, Mazda has completed its micro-mini line-up with this, the Flairwagon. Underneath the badging this is actually a Suzuki Palette, a five-door, four-seater kei car introduced in Japan in 2008. It appears Mazda has ...

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    It's o-kei! Suzuki Palette SW introduced in Japan

    2009 Suzuki Palette SW - Click above for image gallery
    You're Japanese. You have a family. You need a minivan. But minivans are freaking huge, Japan's streets are crowded, and you want something that's a lot smaller and can dart between lumbering dekotora lit up like Vegas. So, you look to a kei ...

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    Tokyo 2007 Preview: Suzuki Palette

    Click image to enlargeIn addition to the numerous concepts we've shown you from Suzuki, the automaker will be unveiling a new JDM tall wagon, the Palette. With a wheelbase 40mm longer than the best-selling Wagon R, the Palette offers a little more comfort and a good dose of practicality thanks to a ...


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