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    Video: How to spray paint a car without an airbrush

    Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say, and we're fairly certain that this inventive foreign gentleman would agree with that old chestnut. Faced with a car-painting job that looks well beyond the practical application of a touch-up marker, and clearly not in possession of a fancy spray ...

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    Video: Why a Florida field is important to your car's paint

    If you've ever wondered how automakers know their paints will stand up to the test of time, a field in Florida may have your answer. Manufacturers routinely turn to Q-Lab, a facility situated on a 20-acre open field just outside of Homestead, Florida for durability testing. There, the company's ...

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    VIDEO: A.D. Maddox - World's first Ducati-riding, Catholic schoolgirl uniform-wearing, bug-splattering artist

    Click above to watch a video of A.D. Maddox's artistry in motion
    Sometimes, you come across a hidden gem that not only makes you smile, it makes you glad that there are so many different types of people in this crazy little world of ours. People that sooner or later leave their unique thumbprints ...

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    Camaro painted with remote control cars

    Click the above image for a hi-res gallery of the RC-painted CamaroThe British are good for all sorts of car-centric goodness. When they're not busy building zippy little monsters remarkably ill-suited to their weather, they're... making art. English artist Ian Cook took a few remote controlled ...


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