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    Volvo's profitablity waning

    In Ford's Premier Auto Group (PAG) one manufacturer has stood alone, sustaining a high degree of prosperity in the past. However, in the last two years, Volvo has seen a decline in its new vehicle sales and judging by figures from the first half of 2006, those numbers seem to be dwindling even ...

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    Aston Martin makes a profit!

    For the first time in forty years (!), Aston Martin has booked a profit, although theFord Premier Automotive Group to which it belongs lost about $100 million in 2005.Chief executive Dr. Ulrich Bez (smiling at right) attributes the company's good news to a global boom in millionaires, with about 70 ...

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    Ford scratching out a profit in Europe

    Ford of Europe Chairman Lewis Booth (pictured with mischievous grin) was quoted Tuesday as confirming that Ford will be profitable in Europe in 2006, despite intense price competition and high prices for raw materials.The crowded European market is a challenging venue for many automakers, as ...

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    Ford VP: No 'For Sale' sign hanging in Jaguar's window

    Besides new concept and production car introductions, there's always plenty of news at major shows, and Geneva isn't turning out to be any differently. Addressing a body of 250 motoring hacks, Ford of Europe VP Lewis Booth reiterated sharply that Jaguar is not on the block, indicating ...


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