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    Geneva Preview: MercedesSport individualization program

    MercedesSport E-Class – Click above for high-res image gallery
    "Sporty" is a relative term. Some might consider a base Mercedes-Benz "sporty" enough. AMG drivers would undoubtedly beg to differ. But there's a big gap between the two, one that Benz is keen to bridge. The German automaker ...

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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dodge Challenger Mopar drag package cometh

    Follow the jump to watch the videoThose of you steeped in drag racing lore are undoubtedly familiar with the 1968 HEMI-powered Dodge Darts and Plymouth Barracudas. These limited edition, track-bound '68 package cars brought out some of the biggest names in drag racing and helped solidify the ...

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    Go Rally! - Citroen rolls out the C2-R2 Max

    If your inner rally driver lusts for something different than the run of the mill Subaru or Mitsubishi, there's a tasty new Gallic morsel to spice things up. Citroen is taking their C2 to the FIA Junior World Rally Championship this year, and the C2-R2 Max Rally kit is their ticket to homologation. ...

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    Mansory package for Aston DB9 is all show, no extra go

    Click on above to view our 29-image high-resolution gallery When Mansory hit us with its modified Aston Martin V8 Vantage, we bemoaned the lack of any serious performance upgrades. Unfortunately, although it's more visually pleasing than its stab at the Vanquish, Mansory's take on the DB9 adopts ...

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    Revealed: Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

    click above image to view high-res gallery of the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione var digg_url = ''; Following earlier reports, Ferrari unveiled a new, modified version of the super-Enzo during this past ...

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    BREAKING: Chrysler reveals details on white-collar "separation packages"

    This afternoon Chrysler revealed more details on one part of its plan to extensively reduce its workforce by 13,000 workers between now and 2009. The details today concern the 2,000 salaried workers that will be leaving the company. Chrysler hopes it can entice at least 1,000 of those salaried ...

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    Ferrari offers HGT-S pack for 612 Scaglietti

    The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a bit of an oddity. The lackluster styling doesn't evocatively portray the heart-pounding performance, and despite the car's expansive length, it handles as nimbly as a car several feet shorter. But while the 612's incongruity might not win it as many fans as its ...


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