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    Geneva: Editors' Choice: Top Five 2013 Geneva Motor Show Debuts

    We've returned from a very busy week in Switzerland, and in going back over all of our 75 stories from the Geneva Motor Show, our editors have gathered up their personal favorite debuts from the European expo. The wonderful thing about the Geneva show is just how wide of an array of vehicles are ...

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    Geneva: McLaren P1 proves yellow doesn't have to be mellow

    We know, we know – we've seen this car before. But now it's yellow. And we have performance data. And we can see the interior. And most importantly, it's no longer a concept. Did we mention it's pretty? Yeah. Feast your eyes on the P1 – McLaren's new flagship supercar that's ready to ...

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    Official: McLaren P1 to get 903 HP from "Twin Power" hybrid

    McLaren has dropped official power figures for the company's upcoming P1. The new hypercar will come packing 903 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque from the combination of a 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine and an electric motor. That's right: this sucker is a hybrid. The internal ...

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    Official: McLaren reveals P1 interior shots

    We've had several chances to get up close and personal with the McLaren P1 since its debut back in September at the Paris Motor Show, but McLaren has literally kept us in the dark about the car's interior thanks to a heavy tint covering all of its windows. With the company preparing the car for ...

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    Video: McLaren previews P1's digital dashboard

    Although we're clear on what the McLaren P1 is packing outside, we still have no idea what's happening in the cockpit. McLaren has given us a teaser with a short clip of the reconfiguring, digital dash gauge. From the 47-second video it appears that in one setup there's a 9,000-rpm redline, with ...

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    Video: Watch this and try to guess what will power McLaren's P1 supercar

    A few nights ago, our own Michael Harley visited the McLaren P1 at an event in Beverly Hills, California. A recording of the engine note was played, and that led to speculation that the P1 will get a hi-po version of the 3.8-liter V8 employed by the MP4-12C, rocking something like 800 ...

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    Exclusive: McLaren shows P1 at private event in Beverly Hills, reveals more details

    McLaren invited us to private showing of its near production-ready P1 supercar in Beverly Hills last night, offering its affluent customers a sneak peek at what promises to be one of the finest - if not the best - sports car in the world when it arrives later this year. While the development team ...

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    Report: McLaren shows production P1 at private NYC shindig, details small changes [w/video]

    McLaren gathered people of the very important variety in New York City to get an up-close look at it P1 supercar, and to explain how the production car will diverge from the P1 concept shown at the Paris Motor Show. During the show the P1 was said to be "97-percent final," and during the NYC ...

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    Spy Shots: McLaren P1 prototype seen testing on public roads

    Spy photographers have grabbed a few shots of the McLaren P1 out for a little testing on public streets. Much of the coupe's heavy camouflage has been discarded in favor of a trippy vinyl wrap, revealing the production version to be nearly identical to the concept McLaren unveiled at this year's ...

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    Paris: McLaren P1 is the nearly real supercar of our drive-to-race dreams

    Destined to be one of the splashier events of the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the unveiling of McLaren's newest supercar, and successor to the intimidating F1 legend, went off beautifully today. Despite being a design exercise, the P1 concept here in Paris clearly paves the path forward for ...

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    Report: McLaren P1 patent sketches revealed

    "She spreads its wings" or "It spreads its wing," depending on how you conjugate your French, is the rough translation of a headline from L'Automobile. The French auto magazine claims to have its hands on patent sketches of the brilliantly wild-looking McLaren P1. While images have been shown of ...

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    Exclusive: Early thoughts from our McLaren P1 supercar walkaround [UPDATE]

    Press days for the 2012 Paris Motor Show have yet to get underway, but Autoblog's European Editor, Matt Davis, has already gotten a good look at what is sure to be one of the exhibition's brightest stars, the McLaren P1. While Davis was not permitted to take photographs of the new design ...

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    Official: McLaren reveals P1 design study, F1 successor takes shape

    McLaren has released the first official images of its P1 design study, the supercar precursor that we've all been waiting for. This stunner will officially debut at the Paris Motor Show next week. Calling the P1 McLaren's next "ultimate supercar," McLaren says this concept takes its inspiration ...

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    Subaru fans celebrate P1's 10-year anniversary in the UK

    Subaru Impreza P1 10th Anniversary Gathering – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Looking back, the year 2000 was a pretty special time. The world had survived the Y2K fiasco with nary a scratch... other than having a pile of soon-to-be obsolete VCRs that were suddenly even more ...

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    P1 reportedly following other British supercar clubs into bankruptcy

    While the idea of the supercar club has yet to take hold here in The Colonies, across the Atlantic in jolly old England, the notion developed into a popular alternative to the costly prospect of owning and maintaining high-priced exotica. The idea, in a nutshell, was to provide customers with the ...

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    Autoblog does video: Introducing P1

    Click above to see the trailer for P1
    There are car videos everywhere - we've even brought you a few homemade ones over the years. This year, we decided it was time we put something together that would showcase our own take on cars, so we teamed up with the gents at StreetFire to create P1. We ...

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    Segrave: the Harrods of supercar clubs

    You may find this incredibly difficult to relate to – if it isn't, this writer has "personal sponsorship opportunities" available – but some people don't find the existing supercar clubs exclusive enough. Enter stage left Harrods, the ritzy British department store that caters to just ...

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    Le Mans-bound Peugeot 908's race livery unveiled

    Click image for hires photo galleryAs you can see above, Peugeot has unveiled the official race livery for the fantastic-looking 908 Le Mans prototype that the automaker will campaign as a two-car team in the European Le Mans Series and the fabled 24 Hours of Le Mans. Those of you who've been ...


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