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Is this water electrolysis hydrogen scheme for real?

Recently, we ran an article: LeefH2 wants to clean up pretty much every diesel engine and it mentioned the way HNO Green Fuels, the maker of the LeefH2, wants to create oxygen from a diesel engine while also reducing particulate matter. I had some concerns with that.

Imagine if a little bit of water could make your internal combustion engine run cleaner and more efficiently, and help it produce more oxygen than a tree. That's what the LeefH2 device is designed to help your motor do. HNO Green Fuels, the maker of the LeefH2, wants to turn your engine – and every other combustion engine – into an oxygen farm while reducing particulate matter and getting more power out of your fuel.

One of the less desired characteristics of biodiesel produced from natural and renewable substances is that it is more readily susceptible to oxidative degradation than petroleum diesel. Degradation of biodiesel leads to the formation of lower molecular weight acids, peroxides and gums that can result in unwanted changes in both the properties and performance of biodiesel. These impurities can result in injector fouling, filter plugging and excess engine deposits - all problems which have been e

Princeton Uni engineers have identified how to control the flow of hydrogen gas inside a newly designed fuel cell to control its power output. Previously, controlling the hydrogen flow rate was considered impossible but Princeton's breakthrough was to create a system in which the fuel input itself changes the size of the reaction chamber, and therefore the power output. Other advances with the design include increased understanding of water management in fuel cells which has up until now been a

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