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11Mini Oxford gives birth to 3-millionth car [w/video]

With the latest generation of Minis having only recently launched a few months ago, the company's Plant Oxford has found another reason to celebrate as it reached two major milestones almost simultaneously. Since production of the new, BMW-revived version began there in 2001, the factory has produced 3 million of the retro-looking models and 2 million vehicles exported outside of the UK. Just four years ago, it was celebrating building 1.5 million of them.

9Mini investing $387M in manufacturing, looking for even more capacity

BMW has announced it will invest around $386.9 million in its United Kingdom operations. The cash will be divvied up amongst its Oxford manufacturing facility, Swindon steel body pressing plant and its Birmingham engine facility, all in order to help Mini keep pace with a new global growth strategy. BMW says the investment will allow Mini to maintain larger production volumes while simultaneously rolling out up to 10 new models in the near future. While that figure likely includes models like th

22BMW celebrates 1.5 million "new" Minis made

2009 Mini Cooper S Convertible – Click above for high-res image gallery

1BMW celebrates 1.5 million "new" Minis made

2009 Mini Cooper S Convertible – Click above for high-res image gallery

12Rolls-Royce to build special edition Minis?

Gearing up for production of the Silver Ghost, Rolls-Royce recently put out the call for craftspeople good with wood, leather, and paint. If a new MotoringFile report is true, if any of you get the job, you might be making wood veneers not just for the new plutocratic sedan, but for a few special Mini models as well.

9MINI slashes production and 850 jobs in the UK

Compared to most brands, MINI had an exceptional year in 2008, with a 28 percent increase in U.S. sales. In other parts of the world last year, however, things didn't turn out as well, with sales dropping overall – particularly in the latter half of the year.

24Word of the Year: "Hypermiling"

As 2008 officially draws to a close, the time has come for all of us to look back and remember what defined our lives for the last twelve months. For most Americans, and in fact the entire globe, fuel prices were very much responsible for how we lived our lives. That's why it's not at all surprising that Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year for 2008 is "hypermiling."

4"Hypermiling" named New Oxford dictionary's Word of the Year

If you are reading this blog, you are likely well aware of the growing green sentiment all over the world. Here in the U.S., gas prices have finally begun to approach what they are on the rest of the globe, and this action has prompted a new word: hypermiling. First coined in 2004, the word took just four years to win Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year award, proving that eco-friendly driving is on the upswing. Just what is hypermiling? Well, now that it's officially Oxford's Word of the Year,

2New MINI Cooper S production delayed

There had been some rumblings recently that the Oxford plant, where the new R56 MINI is being produced, may be halting production of the new Cooper S model. Until today, it was just a rumor.

4Touring MINI's Oxford production plant

Paul Tan has just posted a pictorial tour of his recent visit to MINI's British manufacturing facility in Oxford. The all-new second generation '07 MINI Cooper looks to maintain its spot at the top of the segment, with significant changes under the hardly changed hood. Even though most people will confuse it with the previous generation, it is a different car bumper to bumper. Perhaps a tour of the assembly line will help some of us see the differences more clearly.

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