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    Goodbye, Chrysler Crossfire

    The Chrysler Crossfire was one of those unfortunate exercises in style-over-substance. What's worse is that its style was somewhat questionable, garnering reactions from "oh, that's interesting" to "make it stop, please make it stop". Well, Chrysler finally listened to the latter, and here at ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear Outtakes

    Do you like outtake reels? Who doesn't! Do you like Top Gear? Well, if you're the kind of person who reads Autoblog, then chances are you do. In that case, have we got the video for you! After the jump you'll find six minutes' worth of your favorite telemotive personalities (that's right, we just ...

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    VIDEO: Bentley Burnout, Arnage Carnage

    One might associate a Bentley with, say...caviar and filet mignon. But donuts? Heavens, no! Well, this is what happens when the nouveau riche get their hands on the motor carriages that rightfully belong to the aristocracy. Seriously though, as posh as it is, and as much heritage as its Winged-B ...

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    Iced-out Bentley knob

    var digg_url = ''; How do you know you've got too much money? When you spend a chunk of it on something like this. The leather Bentley key case is one thing, but this ... this operates on a level all its own. This shift ...

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    Is BMW hypocritical for marketing to gay clientele without extending worker benefits to the same?

    Can BMW eat its cake and have it too? That's the question Joe LaMuraglia is asking about the German automaker. The editor of questions how it is that the Bimmer-builders fail to offer same-sex benefits to employees, yet buys ads in gay-oriented publications such as OUT ...


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