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Add'What On Earth!' documentary shows how cars might look to aliens

There's a classic The Far Side comic where two aliens, cleverly disguised as traffic lights, discuss eliminating the Earth's population slowly, one at a time. The joke, of course, is that things aren't always what they seem.

17Grey Poupon's Pardon Me Lost Footage ad airs during Oscars

Those of you that took our tip and tuned in for last night's Academy Awards may have caught the latest iteration of the famous Grey Poupon commercials, featuring a pair of Rolls-Royce sedans and their condiment-loving stewards. The update to the 1981 commercial was only shown in part on television, however, as the mustard company directed viewers to its website to see the entirety of the Lost Footage spot. Of course if you didn't bother then, you can just scroll down to see the full-length two-m

18Grey Poupon to air new version of famous Rolls-Royce ad, this time with car chase [w/video]

Grey Poupon mustard will revive the concept behind its famous Pardon Me commercials with a new ad that will air only once on television during this Sunday's broadcast of the Academy Awards.

AddHow Leonardo DiCaprio inspired Henrik Fisker to build plug-in hybrid cars

BBC's TopGear recently had an exclusive interview with Leonardo DiCaprio to find out about his commitment to sustainability and his investment in Fisker Automotive. The most surprising thing is that Leo was in part responsible for Fisker getting started in the first place.

AddMercedes picks Oscars to roll out S400 Hybrid ads

Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid – Click above for high-res image

15Hyundai set to spend Super Bowl-like money to blow out Oscars

If you didn't get enough of Hyundai at the Super Bowl, we've got some good news for you. You'll see even more of the Korean automaker if you're watching the Oscars this Sunday. Automotive News is reporting that Hyundai has purchased eight spots during the event at a knee-buckling cost of between $2.5 million and $2.8 million per commercial.

33Report: Documentary on closure of Ohio GM plant earns Oscar nomination [w/video]

HBO Documentaries' "The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant" – click above to watch video

23VIDEO: Fisker runs commercials in L.A. before Oscars

Click above to watch the video after the jump

AddTesla Roadsters to whisk actors to Oscars?

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Tesla Roadster

11Hyundai buys up GM's abandoned Oscar ads

General Motors and Hollywood's little gold statue have been friends for 11 years, but with a reduction in its marketing and ad budget, the U.S. automaker has walked away from high profile events such as the Super Bowl, Emmys, and Oscars. Thankfully for ABC, the multimillion-dollar breach in the 2009 Oscars telecast created by GM's departure has been immediately filled by Hyundai.

AddJohn Travolta flies a hybrid Boeing jet?

Last night during the Oscar telecast, host Jon Stewart joked to the audience, "Whoever owns the Boeing 707 parked on La Brea Avenue, your landing lights are on." As actor/aviator John Travolta ran onstage and bolted through an exit, Stewart comforted the glitterati, telling them, "Don't worry, it's a hybrid."

AddCameron Diaz to skip Tahoe hybrid, arrive at Oscars in BMW H7

While General Motors is providing a fleet of seventy-five alternative fuel vehicles. including fuel cell Equinoxes, and flex-fuel and hybrid Tahoes to shuttle the special people to the Oscars red carpet, others are finding their own rides. Among them is Cameron Diaz who will be getting dropped of in front of the camera line by a BMW Hydrogen 7. The H7 is a equipped with a dual fuel system that allows the V-12 engine to run on either gasoline or liquified hydrogen. Like other hydrogen-fueled inte

9VW MicroBus movie up for an Oscar

Click on the photo to see a gallery of high-res shots from the movie

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