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oscar mayer wienermobile

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    ETC: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile rally leaves us bunderstruck

    In the running for the greatest event tag line of 2013 is this: "Six wieners. One winner." Or how about just Wienermobile Run, which is what Oscar Mayer is putting on with six Wienermobiles crossing the country in search of points and glory. The social media-driven challenge has the teams - Born ...

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    Hawaiians want Wienermobile off their rock

    What's a giant wheeled hot dog have to do to get some respect? It seems Hawaii's issue isn't so much automotive renditions of meat products, but a recent visit by Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile has caused a flap. Honolulu's mayor welcomed the rolling frank, even honoring it with "Oscar Mayer Wiener ...


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