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organized crime

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    Video: How this Ferrari 250 GTE became Rome's most famous police car

    We're used to seeing fancy cars gifted to or bought by certain international police forces today, but the story of this 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE goes well beyond a gift. Because Rome's anti-organized-crime unit, Squadra Mobile, was doing a terrific job in the early '60s, the Italian president asked ...

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    Video: Romanian criminals attempt to loot a moving truck

    With money having transitioned from cold hard cash to ones and zeros on a computer screen, stealing someone's personal property has also gone from the romantically dangerous act of train robbing to the Hot Pocket-consuming act of electronic bank hacking. We miss the good old days when miscreants ...

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    Report: Ousted Russian investor wants in on Spyker-Saab deal

    Vladimir Antonov will soon give up the position of chairman at Spyker because he stood between the Dutch company and its successful acquisition of Saab. Recent reports indicate that a Swedish government investigation tied Antonov and his family to the Russian mafia and money laundering. Those ...

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    Report: Spyker investor Antonov's alleged ties to organized crime nixed earlier Saab deal

    Saab - A History in Pictures – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Koenigsegg dropped out of the running to purchase Saab from General Motors, there apparently weren't many automakers interested in rescuing the Swedish brand from the abyss. The only company with any serious ...


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