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    Report: Trio of cheesy classic VW buses stolen, recovered

    Three customized Volkswagen Buses (pictured above) made to look like blocks of Tillamook cheddar cheese are safe again after being stolen on July 12, and two men are in police custody for the alleged theft. The cheesy cadre of VWs, their custom trailer and a Ford F-350 to haul them were on a ...

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    Video: Oregon football star to miss Alamo Bowl for snowball fight targeting motorists

    With winter kicking off, people across the country are coming to grips with that horrible white substance we call snow. And while we, as motorists, might be sick of the stuff already, some college students in Oregon saw it as an opportunity to have some fun, although as things are wont to do in ...

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    Video: Cop crashes into house after being cut off

    Law enforcement officers go through quite a few vehicles every year. The very nature of their line of work almost ensures a quick turnover rate among police vehicle fleets, and the video after the jump provides a fine lesson in why that is. An officer in Tigard, Oregon was in the process of ...

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    Official: GM offering free insurance with new vehicle purchase - in Oregon and Washington

    Those in the market for a 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon might not worry about insurance costs, but that doesn't mean other folks shopping in the General Motors catalog of vehicles aren't concerned about their premiums. GM has decided to lend a helping hand on that front, by offering one free ...

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    Oregon testing new GPS-based road tax system

    The Beaver State is investigating a new method of assessing taxes used to bankroll state highways. Instead of collecting money via gasoline taxes, Oregon is testing a GPS-based system which levels taxes based upon miles driven. By switching to such a system, the state would not lose revenue with ...


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